Testing an electric powered scooter designed like a kid’s toy. If you’re among the a long time of 25 to 50, the name “Razor scooter” possibly brings with it a sure nostalgia, the flavour of which may also rely upon whether or not you partner it with the early life freedom of boating the neighbourhood or the unforgettable sound of aluminium on ankle bone. But now each is feasible once more with a contemporary-day twist to Razor’s advent of an electric powered scooter primarily based totally on its traditional design. I’ve had a few laughs with the aid of riding, testing, and crashing the brand new Razor Icon electric powered scooter over the previous couple of weeks, and now it’s time to inform you what I think.

The Razor Icon without a doubt does an amazing process shooting the enduring aptitude of the unique Razor scooter from twenty-something years ago.

The vivid aluminium deck, colourful wheels, minimalist foot brake, and folding stem all harken again to the scooting days of yesteryear.

But at the same time, the scooter includes some of the new improvements that I might have cherished to utilise as a kid.

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Razor Icon electric powered scooter tech specs

Motor: 300W rear motor

Battery: 36V

Top velocity: 18 mph (30 km/h)

Range: Up to 18 miles (30 km)

Weight: 26.5 lb. (12 kg)

Load capacity: 220 lb. (one hundred kg)

Tires: 8.5″ stable tires

Brakes: Rear stomp brake and Rear motor braking.

Extras: Front and rear LED lights, LED show with integrated thumb throttle, kickstand, folding stem

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Nostalgia on wheels

The Razor Icon electric powered scooter without a doubt appears to be a part of a traditional Razor. The most effective instantaneous giveaway that this isn’t similar to the scooter collecting dirt for your parent’s attic is that the wheels appear tons larger.

In fact, they’re round two times the scale of these unique little pucks that Razor known as wheels.

These 8.five″ tires can be larger, however they’re similarly flat-free. Razor’s unique wheels from the early 2000s have been tough polyurethane wheels. The Icon as a minimum obtained a rubber improvement to cause them to be a chunk softer, however the stable rubber nonetheless prevents flat tires from ruining your journey.

I wouldn’t need to hit any brick pavers or Zeus-forbid any cobblestone streets, however the wheels are simply pleasant on clean bike paths and decent-excellent roads.

The relaxation of the scooter is sort of identical to the unique one, besides for all the electric powered updates.

That rear motor receives a notably peppy 300W motor. Maybe it simply feels so sturdy due to the fact the scooter is pretty light (26.five pounds!) and so that you assume it to be a susceptible little factor. Whatever the reason, the scooter truly chooses up and moves.

There is one little demanding factor about the motor even though, that is that the scooter needs to be shifting at around 2-three mph or so as for the thumb throttle at the handlebars to paintings. Surely Razor will say that’s a protection characteristic in order that it’s tough for small youngsters to hop on and journey, or something to that effect. And that would additionally be true. But it’s truly due to the fact the motor is sensorless (corridor sensors in brushless electric powered automobiles are hard to allow e-motorcycles and e-scooters begin with excellent energy from a standstill). Sensorless automobiles are inexpensive and feature fewer components to head bad, and so it additionally absolutely facilitates that pretty low $599 fee tag at the Razor Icon.

I’d have cherished for the scooter to really fly off from a prevent while you hit the throttle, when you consider that from time to time you need to kick off more difficult than you’d assume to clearly hit 2-three mph and get sufficient velocity to spark off the motor. But it’s something you get used to and so I won’t whinge too tough there.

The relaxation of the scooter is quite tremendous from there. For such a cheaper and light-weight little factor, it really works pretty well.

The small LED display screen isn’t fancy however offers you an amazing readout of your velocity and battery life. There are 3 velocity modes, even though I in no way used whatever however the maximum velocity mode. And the motor braking in the rear wheel is notably powerful. In fact, you can locate yourself the usage of the rear foot brake for greater mild stops, for the reason that motor braking comes on pretty sturdy.

I wouldn’t have thought a bit greater grip in the tires, specifically once I crashed it in a few particularly tight turns (see video above), however I became additionally pushing this scooter manoeuvre more difficult than every person needs to typically journey it. These aren’t Pirelli racing tires, as I astutely discovered.

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So who’s it excellent for?

Here’s the factor: There are such a lot of electric powered scooters obtainable proper now. Like so, such a lot of.

Every agency has some fashions and there are new organisations each day. So what makes the Razor Icon unique on this sea of scooters?

To be honest, it’s by and large simply the appearance. Don’t get me wrong. The scooter works well. It’s exceptional and light-weight. It’s decently peppy. And it’ll work simply pleasant for cruising your cul-de-sac, Google campus, or NYC commute.

But the overall performance isn’t modern and it doesn’t truly provide whatever you may not get in any other scooter, outside of the excellent design. So if nostalgia is excessive to your list, the Razor Icon possibly needs to be too. And with a huge variety of colours to pick out from, you may have that nostalgia served up in pretty much any flavour.

Sources Razor Icon / Electrek

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