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“Ather Energy’s December Delight: Save Up To Rs 24,000 on Cutting-Edge Electric Scooters – Limited-Time Offer Until December 31st!”

In the dynamic realm of Indian electric mobility, Ather Energy is leading the charge toward EVs through innovation. As the year concludes, Ather aims to entice consumers with appealing offers, fostering the embrace of eco-friendly commuting.

Under the banner of ‘Ather Electric December,’ the EV manufacturer extends an invitation to enthusiasts, providing a substantial discount of up to Rs 24,000 on both flagship models. This limited-time offer is valid until December 31st, urging potential buyers to seize the opportunity promptly.

The financial benefits comprise a cash discount cap of Rs 6,000. Additionally, Ather introduces a complimentary battery protection plan valued at Rs 7,000. This plan ensures the well-being of your e-scooter for 5 years or 60,000km, maintaining a 70% State-of-Health for the battery.

Recognizing the desire for a seamless transition to electric scooters, Ather Energy introduces zero down payment options with hassle-free monthly instalments, featuring an attractive interest rate of just 5.99%. Moreover, a 60-month EMI plan is offered, enhancing accessibility for enthusiasts keen on making the shift to electric.

In a stride towards innovation, Ather Energy is set to electrify the market with the launch of a new flagship electric scooter, the 450 Apex. Reservations have begun with a nominal fee of Rs 2,500, anticipating a remarkable addition to the Ather lineup. The unveiling is scheduled, and deliveries are expected to commence in March.

The Apex is speculated to surpass its predecessors in power delivery, generating excitement among Indian EV enthusiasts. The current top model, the 450X, boasts a top speed of 90km/h and accelerates from 0 to 40 km/h in just 3.3 seconds.

As the electric two-wheeler segment in India evolves, the alignment of cost-saving initiatives and cutting-edge innovations, exemplified by the promising Ather 450 Apex, serves as a catalyst for the electric revolution. Ather Energy’s strategic moves resonate not only with automotive enthusiasts but also echo the nation’s collective aspiration for a greener and more sustainable future on wheels.

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