Synetiq and Allye’s Groundbreaking Partnership Transforms Unwanted EV Batteries into Clean Energy Solutions

In a pioneering collaboration, Synetiq, the leading vehicle salvage company in the UK, has joined forces with Allye Energy to revolutionise the fate of salvaged electric vehicle (EV) batteries. This transformative alliance, announced on Monday, aims to repurpose EV battery packs for use in cutting-edge energy storage systems.

Unlocking the Potential of Salvaged EV Batteries

Synetiq, a unit of IAA and a vital component of Canada’s RB Global group, will supply Allye Energy with EV packs for rigorous testing and subsequent acquisition. Allye’s innovative 300 kilowatt-hour (kWh) battery storage system, powered by four salvaged EV battery packs, has the capacity to energise a factory or provide electricity to 50 homes for an entire day. Remarkably, Allye plans to lease these packs to environmentally conscious customers.

Allye CEO Jonathan Carrier expressed the mission succinctly, stating, “At the moment, these battery packs are sitting around in containers, unloved and unwanted. We’re trying to change that.”

Addressing a Critical Challenge in the Industry

Insufficient data on EV battery pack damage post-accidents has led insurers to write off low-mileage electric cars. Synetiq’s strategic move to repurpose salvaged EV battery packs is set to revolutionise the EV battery recycling industry outside China.

“In 2022, an estimated 40,000 nearly new battery packs from salvaged EVs existed, a number poised to surge with the rise in EV sales,” revealed Synetiq CEO Tom Rumboll. The decision to reuse entire EV battery packs addresses a critical challenge in the industry, he emphasised.

Environmental Impact and Cost-Efficiency

Utilising salvaged EV battery packs in energy storage systems yields a 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to deploying new ones. Additionally, customers can benefit from a 50% reduction in energy bills by tapping into off-peak grid energy during peak demand, as explained by Allye’s Carrier.

As Allye sets ambitious goals, aiming to incorporate 5,000 packs annually in the UK and expanding into other markets, the startup has already secured just under a million pounds ($1.3 million) in funding and actively seeks additional financial support.

Join the Energy Revolution

Witness the transformation of neglected EV battery packs into powerful solutions for clean energy storage. Synetiq and Allye’s partnership not only addresses environmental challenges but also promises substantial cost savings for consumers. Be part of the energy revolution โ€“ sustainable, efficient, and environmentally conscious. Don’t miss out on the future of clean energy!


Q: How does the collaboration between Synetiq and Allye benefit the environment?

A: By repurposing salvaged EV batteries, the partnership significantly reduces CO2 emissions, contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly energy solution.

Q: How can customers benefit from leasing salvaged EV battery packs from Allye?

A: Leasing salvaged EV battery packs allows customers to enjoy a 50% reduction in energy bills by utilising off-peak grid energy during peak demand periods.

Q: What is the capacity of Allye’s battery storage system powered by salvaged EV battery packs?

A: Allye’s innovative system boasts a 300 kilowatt-hour (kWh) capacity, with each system utilising four salvaged EV battery packs.

Q: Are there plans for expansion beyond the UK?

A: Yes, Allye aims to expand its operations, starting with an annual goal of incorporating 5,000 salvaged packs in the UK and exploring opportunities in other markets.

Q: How can I support this environmental initiative?

A: Stay informed about the Synetiq and Allye partnership, share the news on social media using relevant tags, and consider exploring clean energy solutions for your own needs. Together, we can contribute to a greener future!

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