Acculon Energy Unleashes Breakthrough Sodium-Ion Battery Technology

Dive into the future of energy with Acculon Energy‘s groundbreaking sodium-ion battery modules and packs, marking a new era in sustainable and high-performance energy solutions. Forget the limitations of traditional chemistriesโ€”step into a world where power meets sustainability.

Acculon Energy, a trailblazing US battery company, proudly announces the commencement of series production for its sodium-ion battery modules and packs. This revolutionary technology stems from Acculon’s modular product architecture, setting new standards for safety, mobility, and stationary energy storage applications, all compliant with UL safety standards.

Discover the Power of Sodium-Ion Technology

Sodium-ion technology is the rising star in the battery world, boasting unmatched power and superior low-temperature performance compared to traditional lithium chemistries. Bid farewell to conflict minerals and premium input materialsโ€”Acculon’s sodium-ion batteries redefine sustainability in advanced battery technologies.

Why Sodium-Ion?

  • Exceptional power and performance, surpassing iron phosphate and nickel-based lithium chemistries.
  • Conflict mineral-free and devoid of premium inputs like lithium carbonate or cobalt.

Acculon Energy’s Journey to Excellence

Embark on Acculon Energy’s journey, dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sodium-ion technology. Two years of relentless research and development have paved the way for a game-changing product lineup. Rigorous testing in the renowned lab, coupled with pre-certification destructive testing, ensures unmatched quality and performance.

President Andrew Thomas Affirms:

“We’ve witnessed the extraordinary evolution of sodium cells in the past two years. Our relentless investment in validation processes ensures that our sodium-ion batteries deliver durable performance and an irresistible value proposition.”

Versatile Solutions for Varied Applications

Acculon’s first two sodium-ion products are not just batteries; they are versatile energy solutions tailored for diverse applications. Available in small and large modules, they can be configured to meet varying capacities (kWh) and voltage levels. Compliance with UL standards 2271, 2580, 1973, and 9540, along with stringent adherence to UN regulations, solidifies Acculon’s commitment to safety and quality.

Scaling Heights:

Acculon Energy is gearing up for robust manufacturing to meet the surging demand for safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions. A scaled production of 2GWh is set for mid-2024, ensuring timely access to this transformative technology.

About Acculon Energy:

Acculon Energy, a pioneer in battery system development and manufacturing, combines decades of energy storage expertise with cutting-edge technology. Based in Columbus, OH, the company offers an end-to-end approach, seamlessly guiding the transition to next-generation lithium-ion solutions. From cell selection to pack design, prototyping, and production, Acculon blends its proficiency in energy storage, AI, and IoT, ensuring a smooth journey from start to scale.

Join Acculon Energy on the forefront of energy innovationโ€”where every charge is a step into a greener, more powerful tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Acculon Energy’s Sodium-Ion Battery Technology:

Q1: What sets Acculon Energy’s sodium-ion batteries apart from traditional lithium chemistries?

A1: Acculon’s sodium-ion batteries offer unparalleled power and superior low-temperature performance, surpassing iron phosphate and nickel-based lithium chemistries. Additionally, they are conflict mineral-free and do not rely on premium inputs like lithium carbonate or cobalt, enhancing their sustainability.

Q2: How has Acculon ensured the safety and quality of its sodium-ion products?

A2: Acculon has invested heavily in rigorous testing, including pre-certification destructive testing, conducted in their renowned test lab. The sodium-ion products comply with UL standards 2271, 2580, 1973, and 9540, ensuring the highest safety standards.

Q3: What applications are supported by Acculon’s sodium-ion batteries?

A3: Acculon’s sodium-ion products are versatile, supporting a range of applications. They are available in small and large modules, allowing for configuration to varying capacities (kWh) and voltage levels.

Q4: When can we expect scaled production of Acculon’s sodium-ion batteries?

A4: Scaled production of 2GWh is scheduled for mid-2024, meeting the growing demand for safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions.

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