‘ Switch Delhi’ crusade to promote electric vehicles

Tackling Air Pollution! Delhi Govt To Ask Lift- Participating, Food Delivery Enterprises To Switch To EVs 

Major Way In agreement with the National Green Tribunal’s directions, the Delhi government will deregister all diesel vehicles which will complete 10 times on January 1, 2022, and issue a no- expostulation instrument (NOC) so that they can bere-registered in other places. Still, no NOC will be issued for diesel vehicles that have completed 15 times or further on the date of applying for it.

ย The Government of NCT of Delhi blazoned the Delhi Electric Vehicle Policy on August 7, 2020, with a vision to promote relinquishment of electric vehicles in the megacity and to make Delhi,

 .Petrol pumps will also be directed not to give energy to vehicles that don’t have a valid pollution-under- control (PUC) instrument.

In a major step towards diving air pollution in the megacity, the Delhi government will ask food delivery services, e-commerce companies Zomato, Swiggy, Ola, Uber, and other analogous companies and ride- participating enterprises to fully switch to electric vehicles. Reports have refocused out that the government is planning a two- step approach to bring considerable enhancement in air quality. Since vehicular emigrations regard for nearly 30 per cent of the total air pollution, aggregators similar ase-commerce companies, and other analogous companies would be asked to switch to the greener volition. Meanwhile,

Petrol pumps will be directed not to give energy to vehicles that don’t have a valid pollution-under- control (PUC) instrument. These directives, which are anticipated to be issued this week, come under the Environment (Protection) Act. In October, the megacity government launched a massive drive to check PUC instruments and stationed around 500 brigades at petrol pumps for this purpose.

A elderly transports department sanctioned privy to the matter participated that the directives to switch to EVs will be done in a phased manner and the department will be working on draft guidelines for effective perpetration. Responsible Business Business Standard reported that out of the establishede-commerce enterprises, only two โ€” Flipkart and FedEx have set up worldwide targets for converting their last- afar delivery lines to electric vehicles by 2030 and 2040 independently. DHL, the global leader in the logistics assiduity, has reportedly set a 60 per cent electrification target for its line.

Air Quality Deteriorates On Sunday, December 26, the air quality deteriorated in the public capital to a’ severe’ order according to the System of Air Quality and Weather Vaticinating And Research (SAFAR). As per Times Now report, the air quality had bettered on Saturday. Still, it slipped into’ severe’ order with AQI touching 430. 

 Delhi Air Pollution Real- time Air Quality Index (AQI) 

 Current Max 

PM2.5 AQI 201 607 

 PM10 AQI 127 831 

 O3 AQI 13 49 

 NO2 AQI 13 100 

 (PM2.5 AQISevereevere 

 PM10 AQI 289 Poor 

O3 AQI 67 Satisfactory.)

The EV Capital of India.

Uttar Pradesh  has the loftiest registered electric vehicles, followed by Delhi  and Karnataka  come in that order. 

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