Bengaluru- grounded Charzer mates with ADDA to set up EV charging structure

Bengaluru- grounded Charzer mates with ADDA to set up EV charging structure

Bengaluru- grounded EV charging structure incipiency, Charter has partnered with ADDA, a comprehensive society operation system, to make EV charging structure in apartment complexes and reopened communities. By getting expelled on ADDA Discover for Association Platform, in the first phase, Charger will install smart EV charging stations across 1500 apartment complexes across India in the coming two times.

Charter is a Bengaluru grounded incipiency that offers low cost, compact and smart IoT powered Electric Vehicle charging stations


As per a September 2021 check conducted by ADDA in Bengaluru, only6.9 per cent communities have an electric vehicle charging point in apartments and out of the remaining93.1 per cent, about92.7 percent of them wish to have an EV installed within their community.

The rearmost Entitlement Thornton Bharat FICCI report indicates that India will need four lakh EV charging stations by 2026 to meet the anticipated 20 lakh vehicles on the road. To meet this growing demand, itโ€™s important to boost the EV structure in India.

Sameer Ranjan Jaiswal,Co-Founder, Charzer, said, โ€œ With rising energy prices and growing knowledge about the terrain, the switch towards Electric Vehicles has started getting briskly. Still, for numerous EV druggies, specifically those who live in high rise apartments and communities, itโ€™s a challenge to fluently pierce a charging station. In order to feed to the conditions of the growing EV stoner base, itโ€™s pivotal to produce the right EV structure by converting locales in and around us into charging stations.”

“This not only creates easy access to charging stations but it also addresses the issue of range anxiety. We’re happy to mate with ADDA to make the needed EV structure in apartment communities and fast track EV relinquishment,”he added.

San Banerjee,Co-Founder, ADDA said,”Over the last many times, strong winds have been driving the expansion of green mobility in India. Reopened communities and casing societies have formerly taken a note of this trend and are working towards enforcing the needed structure for EV druggies. We’re happy to mate with Charger to set up community charging stations to offer residers dependable and safe charging structure within the demesne”

Charzerโ€™s flagship productโ€˜Charzer OMNIโ€™is a compact, zero- conservation and IoT enabled charging station that’s compatible with two wheelers as well as with buses and three wheelers. Through the Charger-ADDA cooperation, apartment communities can fluently pierce EV Charging installations, reserve, and pay for the charging stations within the Charter app.

Charger will be installing their charging stations free of charge for the coming 200 casing societies.

Sources FreePressJournal

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