OKAI has released the 37 MPH High Power 1,800W Off-Road Standing Electric Scooter

Okai manufactures world-class light electric vehicles.

OKAI has released the 37 MPH High Power 1,800W Off-Road Standing Electric Scooter

  Electric scooter is an integral part of advanced modern cities around the globe.  As an easily accessible tool for electrical mobility,

  OKAI has now announced several new products, including the OKAI ES800 Off-Road Scooter, which packs in significantly more power than most standing electric scooters.

  Chinese company Okai has presented a sleek electric scooter that, unlike most of its competitors, can also operate in rough terrain thanks to its off-road features and complete suspension.

  The company describes the OKAI ES800 as a “new breed scooter” for off-road riding.

  The high-performance motor emits a maximum power of 1,800W from a 1,000W continuous power rating.

  The torque motor is designed to help the ES800 fly up to 35% of the steepest slopes, and the dual suspension ride should ensure that the road is relatively smooth.

  Rolling on 12 “off-road tires, the ES800 has larger diameter wheels than typical road scooters. The larger wheels and long-haul suspension combine to provide better off-road riding in a variety of product

  The 980 Wh battery offers more power than most of the road scooters, making it an essential design consideration for off-road riding.

  The fastest rider eats quickly through the battery, and the ES800’s top speed of 60 km / h (37 mph) certainly qualifies as “speed”.

  The company hasn’t announced the weight of the scooter, but said it is “30% heavier than most e-scooters, giving you a smoother and more consistent ride on any terrain.”

  The company is also releasing a new ES600 electric scooter designed to share companies such as Lime and Bird.  The lightweight electric scooter has a 350W continuous-rated electric motor that claims a maximum power of 700W.

  As OKAI explains:

Designed to address the needs of the fastest growing global scooter-sharing industry and customers, the OKAI ES600 has its own classics in terms of efficiency, durability and ease of use. “

 The ES600 replaceable 700Wh battery system is used, which allows sharing companies to swap out newly charged batteries instead of returning the entire scooter to the depot.

  While many shared electric scooters use rigid frames for simplicity and ruggedness, the ES600 sports hydraulic suspension for a smoother ride.

  The front wheel measures 12 inches in diameter but the rear wheel is slightly smaller than 10 inches.

  Front and side LED lights and indicators have been added to improve visibility and better capture the attention of cars sharing the road.

  For many years, OKAI has been the leading invisible provider of high quality products for scooter sharing companies.

  As Eurobike showcases their new models in 2021, Electrek explained that the company has begun to expand its products under its own brand into the commercial and consumer markets.

  The newly launched models join OKAI’s other recent self-branded model launches.

  We have no word yet on the price of the ES800, and the ES600 is designed entirely for commercial operators.  But OKAI has other electric scooter models designed for customer convenience, which cost less than $ 300, and can be conveniently seated and driven, similar to the electric scooter, known as the $ 650 Bitel Electric Scooter.

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