Autopilot: Ashok Ellaswamy, head of Tesla’s automated car team,

A self-driving vehicle, also known as an autonomous vehicle, driverless vehicles, or robotic vehicles, is a vehicle incorporating vehicular automation, that is, a ground vehicle that is capable of sensing its surroundings and driving safely with few or no human input.

Autopilot allows your vehicle to drive, speed up and brake automatically inside its path. Present Autopilot features need active driver direction and do not make the vehicle autonomous.

 Ashok Ellaswamy, a Tesla employee, is a robotic engineer who, according to his LinkedIn profile, has experience with computer vision and perception through planning and control.

 Autopilot: Ashok Ellaswamy, New head of Tesla’s automated car team, 

 Tesla Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Elon Musk, has pioneered the production of automated cars.  At the same time they made a surprise choice as the first member of their company’s automatic pilot team.  That’s an Indian !!  Indians are already in top positions in the giant companies of the world.  Indians are among the top companies such as Google, Microsoft.  Now another Indian has achieved another great feat.

 Member of the automatic pilot team

 The Indian name revealed by Elon Musk is Ashok Elluswamy.  He is originally from Gindi, Chennai and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering.  Ashok Elluswamy, who has been an employee of Tesla for the past 8 years, is currently the Director of Tesla’s Automated Pilot Software Division.  Elon Musk recently tweeted about inviting candidates for their automated pilot team.  As a satisfactory performance in the interview, Ashok Elluswamy has been appointed as an automatic pilot team member by Elon Musk.

 Tweet on December 29th

 Elon Musk tweeted on December 29, “Ashok is being recruited to be the first person to respond to a tweet that Tesla is launching an automatic pilot team.”  He tweeted above as part of an interview with Ashok shared on Twitter.  Ashok Ellaswamy is actually going to be the head of the automated pilot engineering team, โ€Elon Musk said.

 A Company of the worldโ€™s super most talented

 Andrzej is the director of the Artificial Intelligence Division.  People always give me a great deal of respect for this, and Andrej.  Tesla’s automated artificial intelligence team has immense talent.  Tesla said on its website, “The vehicles that Tesla manufactures will have modern hardware, automated pilot features and the potentiality to support automation.”

Robotic development

 Ashok Ellaswamy, a Tesla employee, is a robotic engineer who, according to his LinkedIn profile, has experience with computer vision and perception through planning and control.  He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering from the College of Engineering in Gindi, Chennai.  He then studied robotic development at Carnegie Mellon University in the US.

 Prior to joining Tesla, he worked at Volkswagen’s Wabco Vehicle Control System.  From January 2014, Ashok Elleswamy started working as a software engineer in the Tesla’s Automatic Pilot division.  Following this, he was promoted to director of the Automated Pilot Software Division in 2019.

 Autopilot in Tesla

Tesla has been at the forefront of autopilot performance in cars, calling their system ‘autopilot’.  Not only is their system sophisticated and accurate on the road, it is constantly updated in the air (just like your smartphone), so the vehicles keep getting better and better.  The biggest downside is that Driver Monitoring only uses steering wheel inputs, such as determining whether the driver is paying attention to face monitoring.

Technology Used:

Tesla instals 8 cameras around the vehicle for full 360 viewing, as well as front radar and long-range ultrasonic sensors.  It uses a dynamic machine learning computer (known as a full self-driving computer, aka Hardware 3) which began to emerge in early 2019.

Supported Models:

All current Tesla vehicles (Tesla Model S, Model X and Model 3) support all autopilot and full self-driving features, as well as AP2 and more.  Older Tesla models with AP1 (pre-2016) have an older version of Autopilot that does not have all the current features.

Core Features:

  Accessibility – Tesla Autopilot is available on most roads, including city streets, and can respond to traffic controls with a non-compulsory full self-driving package.  He said drivers should pay attention at all times and not use it improperly.

  Adaptive Cruise Control – Full start and stop function.  Outstanding and generally effortless acceleration and deceleration.

  Lane Centering – Best-in-class Lane Centering, also known as Autosteer, is able to work on a variety of roads.

  Lane interchange – Automatic lane interchange that works on all roads, including  highways and multi-lane city streets.

  Attention Monitoring – Hands on Wheel (Warning if ~ 15 seconds is off)

  Other features

Navigate-on-Autopilot allows the system to navigate itself on freeways to a destination (off-ramp to off-ramp).

  Superb in terms of functionality, specially with the full self-driving package that includes the ability to work on city streets and respond to traffic controls and has a Navigate-on-Autopilot  feature that automatically accesses closed-freeway systems (off-ramp to off-ramp).  Tesla continuously updates

Autopilot with powerful features at all times.  However it is very powerful, it can be used anywhere, which means that the driver’s supervision is only through the steering wheel to pay attention to the driver and use it properly.

  Level 0 is not automated

  Semi-automated systems such as Level 1 cruise control.

  Level 2 semi-automatic systems, steering, speed and braking.

  Level 3 The primary driving functions are automated under certain conditions.

  Level 4 primary driving tasks are automated under most conditions.

  Level 5 Primary driving functions are automated under all conditions.

  Do you know what level of automated Tesla vehicle has?


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