French brand of Peugeot motorcars possessed by Stellantis has took numerous multinational honours for its vehicles 

 Now PEUGEOT is accelerating its move to electrification and from 2022 will deal it’s popularised MPV range, framed up of the Rifter and Traveller, simply as full electric models  to meet growing client demand for electric vehicles. Formerly on trade, the e-Rifter ande-Traveller cater to the requirements of businesses and lines as well as inside buyers. 

 The e-Rifter ande-Traveller have formerly impressed lines and private possessors with their ease of use, low handling costs, versatility, and practicality. To meet the growing importunity for electric vehicles, PEUGEOT has desisted product of the petrol and diesel variants of the Traveller and Rifter *. 

 PEUGEOT MPV Range Now Simply available As neat Electric vehicles 

 The move comes after the UK saw the largest time-on- time boost in electric vehicle enrollments. Last time, completely electric vehicles accounted for further than one in nine new buses vending, representing a 76% expansion in 2020, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Dealers (SMMT). 

 Available Variants 

 PEUGEOT-Traveller is accessible in both average and lengthy body Look, and both variants are capable of carting up to eight inhabitants. lengthy variants associate a lengthy wheelbase with a long reverse protuberance for optimum practicality. 

 The e-Traveller is accessible in Active and Allure trims for common variants, while lengthy variants are vended simply in Appeal trim.

 Battery, Charging duration & Milage 

 Erected on PEUGEOTโ€™s EMP2 ( Effective Modular podium 2), the e-Rifter can be prescribed as either a five or seven- seat model. Powered by a 100kW (136hp) electric engine and a 50kWh battery, thee-Rifter is capable of over 172 country miles (WLTP) from a single charge. Able of over to 100kW rapid-fire charging, a 0-80 charge takes just 30 twinkles to consummate. 

 Five- seat variants of thee-Rifter are accessible in Allure Premium and GT trims, while seven- seat models are vended simply in Allure Premium. 

 How to Charge/ Charge points. 

 PEUGEOT offers a wide range of helpful services to champion its guests in fabricating the switch from inner combustion to electric dynamism. Charging is framed undecorated; PEUGEOTโ€™s charge point mate is Pod Point, which is completely approved under the Government Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) and Plant charging device. Due to a significant increase in demand for charge points following the Government advertisement in April, the support of the scheme moved to concentrate on residents in apartments and rented accommodation, landlords, social casing drivers, charities and original business SMEs. Homeowners have until 31st January to position their order with Pod Point and advantage from theยฃ 350 EVHS entitlement before the close of March cut-off. Still, PEUGEOT will keep up to offer a free 6 month charging subscription to BP Pulse with every new electric or plug-in mongrel vehicle, giving buyers access to a netting of charge junctures in the UK. 

 Service & Warranty 

 PEUGEOT guests can alike conclude to buy their vehicle with a single service system to cover all essential conservation. Possessors are also given an instrument of battery capacity after each service, with the battery under bond for eight times/ country miles for 70% of its capacity. 


 Similarly powered by a 50kWh battery and a 100kW (136hp) electric motor, thee-Traveller can attain up to 148 country miles between charges. backing 100kW rapid-fire charging, a 0-80 charge takes just 30 twinkles.


 For complete ease of use, PEUGEOT guests can stay connected to their vehicle on the go, by applying the MyPEUGEOT ยฎ smartphone operation to check, program, start or delay charging ever, or to optimise the range by preconditioning the innards to 21 degrees. 

 New Models 

 The new PEUGEOT 308 and 308 SW, soon arriving in the UK, will develop PEUGEOTโ€™s electric vehicle range. From takeoff both the 308 and 308 SW will be accessible with a draw-in mongrel powertrain, with a completely electric 308 and 308 SW coming as beforehand as 2023. 

 Future Project. 

 PEUGEOT is also focusing on the coming production of low emigration vehicles. In December 2021, the first ever PEUGEOTe-EXPERT Hydrogen rolled off the product range and will instead be vended in Germany and France. Featuring hydrogen draw-in energy cell technology, thee-EXPERT Hydrogen is capable of over 248 country miles (WLTP) between refuelling โ€“ which takes precisely three twinkles at appointed hydrogen energy stations. With the new-EXPERT Hydrogen, PEUGEOT is situating itself as a major player in this new energy sector. 

 Company Statement 

 โ€œ PEUGEOT is confined to intoxication, with a goal of tendering a completely electric variant across our whole model line-up by 2024. Formerly we offer a completely electric van across our whole LCV portfolio, so with our award- winning MPV range now simply available as electric vehicles, we โ€™re feeding the tending demand for zero-tailpipe emigration vehicles.โ€ said by Peugeot Managing Director Julie David.


 PEUGEOT is a world, creative and high- end generalist brand. 

 PEUGEOT’s history spans over 200 times, beginning in a city in France-Sochaux, where the PEUGEOT family began embarking on a number of innovative creations. Their innovative nature would also lead them on to produce one of the world’s most established automotive brands. 

PEUGEOT’s values are Excellence, Appeal and Emotion. Present in more than 160 countries: France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Portugal, Italy, Belgium โ€ฆ., 16 product installations โ€” including common gambles โ€” and workers worldwide, with retailers, PEUGEOT vending nearly vehicles worldwide in 2020. Not long after celebrating its 210th commemoration, 

 PEUGEOT is now steering in its new identity with a fleece of arms that emphasises its personality and endlessness. In addition to a full range of galvanised passenger and marketable vehicles, PEUGEOT has developed a new conception of Neo Performance. The 508 PEUGEOT Sport Engineered is the first in this new line of effective and high- performance vehicles. 

Peugeot Not available in theU.S or Canada, They aren’t certified in the USA to circulate. We’re hoping to see Peugeot vehicles in Canada starting in 2023,

source :Stellantis

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