Cerence Powers AI Assistant in Electric Vehicle Pioneer NIO’s ES8 / Turnkey Voice

A virtual assistant, also called AI assistant or digital assistant, is an application program that understands natural language voice commands and completes tasks for the user.

Cerence Powers AI Assistant in Electric Vehicle Pioneer NIO’s ES8 / Turnkey Voice

 Cerenceโ€™s turnkey voice adjunct delivers invention for EV leader as it expands to Norway 

AI for a world in stir, moment blazoned that NIO, a colonist in revolutionizing the decoration electric vehicle request in China and worldwide, will emplace  Cerence conversational AI in its ES8 standard size SUV as the carmaker creates in Norway. NIO is famous for its part in helping advance the electric vehicles genre, and through this association adds cutting-edge voice and AI to its already modernistic vehicles.

 The Cerence Automotive Platform delivers Cerenceโ€™s assiduity- leading automotive voice inventions in a turnkey, flexible armature with minimum development and deployment time. NIO turned to Cerence for an intuitive, conversational automotive adjunct that resides in its state-of-the- art infotainment system and delivers a substantiated in- auto experience. The automaker takes of advantage of both on- board and pall- grounded conversational AI and natural language understanding, along with textbook-to- speech and speech signal improvement, to deliver presto, accurate relations with the voice adjunct, indeed in limited connectivity. 

โ€œ NIO is a colonist and a game changer at the vanguard of the future of electric vehicles, transubstantiating the invention geography in momentโ€™s automotive assiduity in China and worldwide, ” said Charles Kuai, SVP and General Manager, Mobility Results, Cerence. “

  We โ€™re proud to mate with NIO in developing a digital companion that supports and excites their motorists with an intuitive, intelligent, unborn-forward adjunct experience.โ€ 


 The main challenges of Cerence include Citrix Systems (CTXS), SentinelOne (S), Bentley Systems (BSY), Asana (ASAN), Paylocity (PCTY), Coupa Software ( Achievement), Gitlab (GTLB), Elastic (ESTC), Avalara (AVLR), and Procore Technologies (PCOR). 

 Analogous companies 

 Cerence’s top challengers comprehend Cerebras Systems,Doc.ai, Senseye and Unsupervised. Cerence is a provider of AI-powered automotive sidekicks. 

 What does Cerence company do?

Cerence is the world’s leading provider of audio and AI- grounded automotive sidekicks, creating hyper intelligent, adaptable and intuitive in- auto gests for the global ‘s piloting automakers. 

 Microsoft’s own nuance?

 Microsoft agreed to acquire speech recognition and artificial brain power company Nuance Dispatches for$19.7 billion in April. The accession establishes Microsoft as a significant player in healthcare technology by bridging the gap between clinicians and Microsoft Cloud for Healthcare.

What does an AI assistant do?

An AI personal assistant is a piece of software that understands verbal or written commands and completes task assigned by the client.

How many AI assistants are there?

There are four frontrunners in the AI assistant space: Amazon (Alexa), Apple (Siri), Google (Google Assistant) and Microsoft (Cortana).

What is the role of AI in virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant uses advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI), RPA, natural language processing, and machine learning to extract information and complex data from conversations to understand them and process them accordingly

About CerenceInc.

Cerence (NASDAQ CRNC) is the general assiduity pioneer in making pivotal, moving guests for the smallness world. As a creation mate to the world’s driving automakers and portability OEMs, it’s supporting improvement the fate of related adaptability through ordinary, gigantic business among people and their vehicles, two-wheelers, and indeed elevators, connecting consumers digital lives to their diurnal peregrinations no matter where they are. Cerenceโ€™s track record is erected on further than 20 times of knowledge and further than 400 million buses packed with Cerence technology. Whether itโ€™s connected buses, independent driving,e-vehicles, or structures, Cerence is mapping the road ahead. 

 To learn further about Cerence, visitwww.cerence.com and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

 CerenceInc. is the global assiduity leader in creating unique, moving gests for the automotive world. Our moxie is sophisticatedA.I., natural language understanding, voice biometrics, gesture and aspect technology and stoked reality. 

Who is the father of artificial intelligence?

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