How To Leave North American Electric Motorcycle Kollter ES1 Without Being Noticed.

The market value of North American electric scooters and motorcycles will grow from $ 164.7 million in 2020 to $ 590.4 million by 2025, with a CAGR of 25.1% between 2021 and 2025;

The North American affordable electric motorcycle is already here and nobody has noticed.

I always hear the common saying, “I like electric motorcycles, but they’re all very expensive. Maybe when prices are lower.”

  Cheap electric motorbike that is priced at just under $ 6,000, the Volcan Grunt is an off-road electric motorcycle with a top speed of 60 mph (96 km / h).

  The California government began offering a 10% tax credit on purchases of electric motorcycles priced up to $ 2,500.

  In addition, up to $ 900 is provided for the purchase of electric motorcycles in the state under the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP).  Similarly, the US Postal Service has received $ 6 billion from the federal government for procuring electric distribution vehicles.

  I knew.  Electric motorcycles are really expensive.  Zero’s flagship electric motorcycles cost $ 20,000.  LiveWires are a couple thousand more.  And Energicas is a couple thousand more than that.  But little-known, highway-capable electric motorcycles have popped up in North America for just US $ 5,990 and no one seems to have noticed it.  Iโ€™m discussing the Kollter ES1 electric motorcycle.

  In addition, Canadian government initiatives that benefit the North American electric scooters and motorcycles market are offering a $ 1,524 (CAD- $ 2,000) discount on the purchase of low-speed electric motorcycles under the British Columbia Specialty-Use Vehicle Incentive (SUVI) program.  .

  For years we have been discussing the potential influx of affordable electric motorcycles from Asia.  However, the COVID-19 epidemic caused significant delays in the rollout of several prospective Asian models.

  Lockdowns around the world, including the continent, have halted the production and supply of electric two-wheelers and their components.  Additionally, many people are under severe financial pressure, which is why they are not buying automobiles and other non-essential items.

  During the epidemic, many new models, such as the NIU RQi and the SONDORS metacyclists, were unveiled.  They were expected to be North America’s first low-cost, highway-capable electric motorcycles, but neither are expected to make much progress this winter.

  Due to strong government support for electric vehicles, the US generates higher revenues for companies in the North American electric scooters and motorcycles market,

  In the meantime, the humble Kollter ES1 has somehow penetrated the country without notice.

  The fully DOT-compliant motorcycle road is legal in the US and Canada and has a top speed of 72 mph (115 km / h) in the US and 62 mph (100 km / h) in Canada.

  The 12 kW peak-rated, central-mounted motor is designed for passenger use so it won’t knock your socks off with zero or livewire acceleration.

  But with the Enduro version available, which replaces street tires for belt drive and knobs for chain drive, the Kollter ES1 can do double duty as a weekly commuter and weekend trail bike.

  The Kollter ES1 starts at US $ 5,990 from US dealer Naticycle and CAD $ 7,950 (US $ 6,420) from Canadian dealer Motorino (the same people who brought Super SoCo to North America).

  The bike supports one or two removable batteries, each with a capacity of 2.3 kWh.  The basic level price gives you only one battery.  For an extra $ 990, you can grab a second battery to boost your range.

  With a single battery, speed is limited to 60 mph (96 km / h).  The second battery unlocks speeds of 72 mph (115 km / h).

  The range of the dual battery model is rated at 62 miles (100 km) in the city, but drops to just 37 miles (60 km) when travelling at highway speeds.  It’s not a great range, but this bike is not for pure highway riding.  It can hit a lot of speed for most city / suburban commuters and small highway sections.

  In one of the big boys’ strengths, Colter (commonly known as Tinbot in Europe) isn’t exactly jockeying for the lead in the electric motorcycle pack.  No one is going to buy it and expect zero in the stoplight.

  But many riders are looking for a passenger-level electric motorcycle that can occasionally hit high speeds and find decent range in the city.  So for riders who typically travel 30-40 miles or less to work and return, they may be looking for this kind of $ 6- $ 7,000 electric motorcycle.

  With electric motorcycles like SONDORS Metacycle gaining more interest with similar performance specifications, it is clear that there is a market for this type of lightweight electric motorcycles.  And as more brands enter the space, such low-cost electric motorcycles can help many riders get their first taste of electric power.

  Here are the longest range of electric motorcycles, ranked

  1) 2021- Arc Vector – Probably 270 miles

  2) 2021- Damon Hypersport Premier – 200+ miles

  3) 2021- Energica EVA EsseEsse9 – 112-250 miles.

  4) 2021-Zero SR ZF14.  …

  5) 2021- Lightning Strike Carbon Edition – 100-200 miles.  …

  6) 2021- Zero SR – 90-179 miles.

  7) 2020- Harley-Davidson LiveWire – 95-146 Miles.  …

  8) 2020- Evoque Urban Classic – 124 miles

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