According to a new Gartner report, electric cars business is likely to grow by 50% in 2022

Gartner Forecasts 6 Million Electric Cars Will Be Shipped in 2022, Electric vehicles are gaining popularity in Unsplash

The Gartner report on Thursday showed that six million electric cars (battery electric and plug-in hybrid) could be shipped globally from 4 million in 2021 to 2022.

The number of global public EV chargers will rise to 2.1 million units by 2022 and 1.6 million units by 2021.

Electric cars will represent 95 percent of total EV shipments by 2022, and the rest will be split between buses, vans and heavy trucks, the market research firm predicts.

For the full year of 2021, Tesla alone delivered 936,172 vehicles, slightly less than the promised 1 million vehicles but an 87 percent increase over the previous year.

At ‘COP26’ in November 2021, the Zero Emission Vehicle Transition Board agreed that automakers would only commit to selling zero emissions vehicles by 2040, and put pressure on the automobile sector to prepare for decarbonization in transport in the first major markets.

“EVs are a crucial powertrain technology that helps reduce CO2 emissions from the transport sector,” said Jonathan Davenport, director of research at Gartner.

Davenport added: “The ongoing shortage of chips will affect the production of EVs by 2022, and the shipping of vans and trucks is currently small.

Greater China has 46 percent of global EV shipments in 2022, with China imposing a mandate on automakers to set up new factories to make EVs 40 percent of all sales by 2030 and make electric cars.

Western Europe is fastest to ship 1.9 million units by 2022, ranking 2nd in EV shipments.

North America is expected to be the third largest region in transit by 855.3 thousand EVs by 2022.

โ€œEU’s plans to cut CO2 emissions from cars by 55 percent and vans by 50 percent by 2030 will catalyze the rise of EVs in Europe,โ€ Davenport said.

To promote the transition to EVs, automakers need to address a number of factors, such as lowering the cost of EVs and batteries, recycling EV batteries, and offering a wider choice of vehicle models.

“Additionally, the lack of availability of fast charging for home and public charging is a major issue to address,” Davenport said.

Gartner clients can read more in the report โ€œForecast Analysis: Electric Vehicle Shipments, Worldwide.โ€

Source: Gartner

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