Cummins including hydrogen electrolyzer producing in US

Company developing zero-emission hydrogen had to smooth up long-haul trucking

Cummins Inc. is adding Minnesota to its growing list of hydrogen electrolyzer manufacturing sites. (Photo: Cummins)

Cummins Inc. will manufacture hydrogen electrolyzers in Minnesota, the brand new site in its attempt to satisfy a 2025 sales intention of $four hundred million a 12 months from cleansing up long-haul trucking and different polluting industries.

Electrolyzer manufacturing gets 89,000 rectangular toes of devoted area at a present Cummins facility in Fridley, Minnesota. Production will begin at 500 megawatts of producing ability annually, that may develop to one gigawatt. Cummins did now no longer reveal how many miles it was making an investment in the Twin Cities place or whilst manufacturing could begin.

Hydrogen electrolyzers contrary of gasoline cells

An electrolyzer separates water into oxygen and hydrogen, successfully the alternative of a gasoline cell, which makes use of water and power to split hydrogen and oxygen, growing water vapour because of the most effective emission. In an electrolyzer, water is driven through a stack with power. That pulls the hydrogen molecules aside from the oxygen molecules. 

When an electrolyzer machine makes use of renewable energy โ€” which include from solar, wind or hydropower โ€” it produces carbon-loose inexperienced hydrogen, storable as a compressed fuel line or as a liquid. Energy-dense green hydrogen is essential to shifting long-haul vehicles off diesel gasoline. It is likewise beneficial in decreasing the carbon footprint of different industries.

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โ€œExpanding Cumminsโ€™ electrolyzer production footprint to the USA is a milestone

now no longer most effective for our organisation however an critical step in advancing worldwide decarbonization efforts,โ€

Alexey Ustinov, Cumminsโ€™ vp of electrolyzers, stated in a information launch Monday.

Incentives power hydrogen electrolyzer investment

โ€œThis is a mirrored image of growing authorities guide thru the Inflation Reduction Act, Hydrogen Hubs and a blossoming hydrogen economic system withinside the states,โ€ Ustinov stated. โ€œCumminsโ€™ capacity to leverage our production, engineering and sourcing understanding to construct ability will assist us meet elevated purchaser call for and retain to boost up the smooth power transition.โ€

The federal Inflation Reduction Act requires a tax credit score of up to $three a kilogram of green hydrogen produced. Other incentives are a part of the Infrastructure and Jobs Act act signed into regulation in November.

Those incentives assist get the fee of green hydrogen manufacturing in the direction of hydrogen made thru steam methane reforming. In SMR, methane from herbal fueloline is heated to supply an aggregate of carbon monoxide and hydrogen. It is known as grey hydrogen as it nonetheless has carbon content.

Huge sales upside projected from hydrogen

As Cummins shares greater of its enterprise farfar from diesel engines into low- and zero-emission technologies, it units itself up for massive sales growth. Conservatively that would be $three billion a 12 months via way of means of the quit of the decade, executives of the Columbus, Indiana-primarily based totally maker of diesel engines instructed analysts at an investor day in February. 

It expects to post $four hundred million in sales from hydrogen manufacturing globally via means of 2025.

In Minnesota, Cummins will  manufacture its HyLYZER-500 and HyLYZER-5000 proton alternate membrane (PEM) electrolyzers.They can accommodate strength wishes from 1.25MW to greater than 200MW for small- and large-scale hydrogen era projects, inclusive of power-hungry information centres.

Cummins recently introduced growth of PEM electrolyzer production ability at its Belgium manufacturing unit to 1GW and has delivered area to its Mississauga, Ontario, webweb page in Canada. Cummins additionally plans electrolyzer factories in Spain and China, each beginning at 500MW of producing ability and scalable to 1GW.

The organisation powers the worldโ€™s biggest PEM electrolyzer in operation at 20MW at an Air Liquide facility in Bรฉcancour, Quebec. It is operating on a 25MW set up with NextEra Energy Resources in Florida that is anticipated to start operation in 2023. In all, Cummins has performed more than six hundred electrolyzer demonstration projects.

โ€œWe are in the gasoline cell enterprise ourselves, too,โ€ Alex Savelli, Cumminsโ€™ dealing director of electrolyzers โ€“ Americas, instructed FreightWaves. โ€œWe aren’t most effective at supporting the production of inexperienced hydrogen, however we additionally have devices that run that inexperienced hydrogen.โ€

The Cummins 20-megawatt electrolyzer withinside the Air Liquide facility in Canada. (Photo: Air Liquide)

Sources: www.energytech.com / www.yahoo.com

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