Bictrix Moto Review: A fun moped style electric bike can ride for days.

We absolutely love moped style electric bikes.ย  They are so fun to ride!ย  This format gives you the feel of a fun-loving motorcycle ride, but without the hassle of owning a motorcycle, you can legitimize it as a bicycle.ย  And I have rarely seen a moped-style electric bike capture the motorbike essence and the Bictrix Moto.

  It is a seriously exciting bike to ride that combines the convenience of the bicycle world with the cruising behavior of the motorbike industry.

ย ย Bictrix Moto also solves one of the biggest problems with electric mopeds: the fitment.

  Moped e-bikes are usually all the same size relationships, which is rarely true.

  But the Biktrix Moto is medium (with 20 โ€ณ wheels) or larger (with 24 wheels).

  Iโ€™m 5โ€™7 โ€ณ (170 cm) so I jumped on the medium, but the taller riders appreciate the larger size option.

  To get a better idea of โ€‹โ€‹how fun this e-bike is, check out my review video below.  Then read on for all the details!

  Biktrix Moto Analysis

  Biktrix Moto Technical Specifications

  Motor: Bafang 750W Continuous Hub Motor (Maximum Power Not Published)

  Maximum speed: 25 mph (40 km / h) but can be limited to Category 2 speeds

  Range: up to more than 100 miles (160 km) with dual batteries.

  Battery: 48V 21Ah (1,008 Wh) (two possible) on each battery

  Weight: 90 lbs (41 kg)

  Wheels: 20 inches with 24-inch fat tires (24-inch wheels are available)

  Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes (203mm Rotors)

  Suspension: Front suspension fork

ย ย Additions: Long bench seat and rear rack, included fenders, large 1,500 lumen LED headlight and tile / brake light, LCD display, kickstand

ย ย Bictrix Moto Electric Bike

  Roadster style, e-bike controlled

ย ย The geometry of the Bictrix Moto puts you in the most roadster seat.ย  Keep your feet forward and your thush back.ย  The handlebars are very tall and are practically apex hangers, although there is an adjustable trunk to leave them a bit longer if you prefer.

  I loved how high he was and it made for a wonderful travel experience.  It is like a small motorcycle with all the legal benefits of an electric bicycle, meaning no registration or insurance concerns.

ย ย The bike’s 750W Bafang Hub motor is a name-brand kit that offers plenty of acceleration.ย  The throttle control takes you to a solid 25mph (40 km / h).

  Thereโ€™s also a pedal assist, but to be honest I havenโ€™t used it much.  The bike is single-speed and therefore only really useful on the lower end of the pedaling.  The 42T chainring is small enough and the 22T sprocket on the back is quite large.  This means you are less equipped, which is not good for high speed travel.  If youโ€™re riding slowly, pedaling works best.  But I did not ride slow.

  Again, this is not really a bike that needs to be pedaled, and I think we can all see it.  Biktrix Moto is a moped that emphasizes the “mo” part.  If your battery juice is empty, you can pedal it home.  But for all intents and purposes, you are using the throttle for everyday riding.

  The important thing is that your battery does not deplete the charge very often.  That is huge.  The 48V 21Ah battery is capable of 1,008 Wh.  Maximum capacity on a retail e-bike is practically on record.

  But that doesn’t stop it.  You can add a second battery for a total of 2,016 Wh (which slips under the seat and is fairly polished).  This is a welcome sight on a massive e-bike that is crazy about battery power but doesn’t intend to pedal too much.

  Biktrix states that each battery gets a range of 50 miles, although it is measured at a lower speed.  Realistically, you are looking at somewhere between 30-35 miles of real-world coverage for someone who is going to push this thing the way it deserves or double it if you get a second battery.  This is still some serious range for Moped.

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  Biktrix moto

  Other e-bikes out there go a long way, but they are lightweight models with the help of an effective pedal.  The Biktrix Moto is basically the best motorcycle with safety work pedals.

  And if it’s going to serve the role of a motorcycle or at least a moped, it’s best to match the rest.  It does.

  That bench seat is comfortable.  The giant headlight looks great.  And at 1,500 lumens, it actually works well – not just for display like some big moped headlights.

  The suspension fork works really well for such a heavy bike (just 90 lb or 41kg shy), and dual-piston hydraulic brakes with big ol ‘203mm rotors make this rolling steed quick.

  You also get the included fenders and a nice, beefy utility rack on the back.  I’m not sure how many loose goods you can pack on that rack, because it won’t stretch too much, but it’s quick to add a motorcycle-style cargo box.

  Priced at $ 2,299, the Biktrix Moto is not cheap, but it offers great value.  Many good moped style e-bikes start at a higher price and do not offer larger batteries.  Consider that you’ve already thrown your bright automobile-level lights with good fenders and a rear rack and you’re ready to ride out of the box.  There are no essential tools you need to spend extra money on.

  So I think Biktrix did a great job with Moto.  The fact that it comes in multiple sizes and a handful of colors is just the cherry on top.  I think the blue really does turn out, but the orange one is probably my second favorite.  With a bike like this.

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