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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Juiced Scorpion EBike

  Since its unveiling at the end of last year, the Juiced Scorpion has been a hot anticipated e-bike.  Despite the initial delay in delivery due to the COVID-19 epidemic, Juiced Scorpions are arriving in doors across the US, including Electrek.

  The Juiced Scorpion may by definition be an electric bicycle, but its retro-inspired design goes back to the classic mopeds of decades past.  To me, it definitely feels more like an electric moped than a traditional e-bike.

  Whatever you call it, there’s no denying that Juiced Scorpion is great with its design.

  But is it worth the $ 1,899 price?

  Thatโ€™s exactly what weโ€™re going to decide.

  Did you know you want to see the action of Juiced Scorpion ?!  Check it out below in our video review, then keep reading for our full detailed review.

Eleven Things You Should Know About Juiced Scorpion EBike Tech Specification’s,

  Motor: 750W Bafang rear hub motor

  Maximum Speed: 28 mph (45 km / h) although I have reached 90% of it

  Range: up to 45 miles (72 km) on the pedal-assist or close to half of the throttle

  Battery: 52V 13Ah 676Wh (portable and lockable)

  Heaviness: 100 lb (45 kg)

  Highest load: 275 lb (125 kg)

  Wheels: 20-inch, mag-style cast wheels with 4-inch fat tires

  Brakes: Tektro Hydraulic Disc Brakes (180mm Rotors)

  Front suspension: hydraulic fork with adaptable pre-load, contract and lockout

  Rear suspension: Swingarm with dual compatible spring coilover shocks

  Extras: moped seat, rear rack, included fenders, large LED headlight and tile / brake light, advanced matrix LCD battery meter, kickstand, USB charging, Shimano 7-speed drivetrain

  Things That Make You Love Or Hate Juiced Scorpion EBike.

  Juiced Scorpion: It’s all in design

  There aren’t many e-bikes like the Juiced Scorpion.

  When it comes to electric mopeds, we’ve seen crowdsourcing campaigns for other efforts by competitors but no distribution yet.  We’ve seen $ 4,000 electric mopeds from some companies.  But Juiced only has something like a Scorpion at this price.

  Dual Crown Suspension Fork, Bench Seat, Giant Hollow Moped Headlight, Sturdy Low-Level Frame, Between Bench Seat and Large Functional Rear Rack, Juiced Scorpion Behavior for days.

 Things That Make You Love Or Hate Juiced Scorpion EBike.

  The wide road tires and suspension combine to turn the carving into a deeper dream.

  I like cutting corners harder than I think and I feel Gs when I pull harder on those big tires.

  I like how extra the bike is, that big ol ‘headlight gives a retro face and the bench seat allows me to scoot or sit.

  And I can pedal the bike, though it’s not a fun bike to pedal without any battery power, that’s for sure.  You can do it, but I don’t want to be charged 10 miles from home.

  For general pedal assistance, the bike works surprisingly well even if it doesn’t look like a fun bike to pedal.  You should try one to see what I mean, but I didn’t find it strange to pedal it.

  Fortunately, the 676Wh battery is quite large and the Juiced also offers a larger 1kWh battery if you want to upgrade.  While the cadence-based pedal-assist works fine, I’m guilty of using the throttle most of the time because I feel like I’m on a motorbike while riding the Scorpion.  With a throttle-only ride, the 45-mile range drops closer to 20-25 miles depending on how I ride.

  When I choose to pedal, I can unlock speeds above the 20 mph throttle limit.  However, I was never able to reach the claimed 28 mph maximum speed.  I can hit 25 mph, but I’m over the top there.  And it doesn’t matter if I pedal hard or give the pedals a little push – that pedal-assist sensor allows me to bypass the throttle limit of 20 mph, until I find my pedals rotate.

  Things That Make You Love Or Hate Juiced Scorpion EBike.

  One of the things I highly recommend for Scorpion is the set of add-on mirrors, or at least the left-sided mirror.  With a bike like this, I ride more on the road than the bike lane.  It feels like I’m on a motorbike and I drive it like a motorbike.  But at speeds of 20-25 mph, I definitely find the cars to creep up on me and sometimes surprise me and so when you take the road a bunch of mirrors are highly recommended to make sure there are cars around you.

  I also got an alarm / horn with me and I can highly recommend that tool.  The horn is not loud enough to alert cars when you are going at full speed, but at low speeds and loud enough to alert pedestrians.  It is also good as an alarm, where its sensitive trigger and loud beeping means that no thief can calmly escape with your ride.  The remote is so beautiful to look at – not as cheap as other e-bike alarms.

  Things That Make You Love Or Hate Juiced Scorpion EBike.

  Close, but not perfect

  Juiced Scorpion is a ton of fun, but it’s not faultless.  Our one complaint with the material is that I wish I could squeeze more energy out of it.

  At 750W, although the motor delivers acceptable performance, this is definitely not the sportiest ride I’ve ever had.  I certainly don’t do burnouts at this level, and the acceleration is good but not thrilling.

  Part of this may be mental;  Juiced Scorpion has such a sporty presence that I expect it to start offensively.  Part of it can be weight as well.  This 750W motor on a 50 lb e-bike is obviously faster, but it takes longer to get up to speed on this 100 lb tank.

  And maybe they wanted to save something for the hyperscorpion, which can hit 30+ mph and it still looks even faster, at least from the preview videos we’ve seen in action.

  The end result: a big compromise

  Finally, the Juiced bikes had to compromise on the entry-level Scorpion to keep the $ 1,899 price reasonable, and I think they succeeded there.

  The bike performs well, if not the sportiest, hardest accelerating e-bike I have ever tried.  And in addition to the performance, you get a lot of features that you won’t find elsewhere.

  Motorbike lighting, hydraulic disc brakes, mag wheels, custom moped frame, full suspension, large rack that easily supports passengers or a delivery trunk / box.  All of which increases production costs, and $ 1,899 makes for a 25 mph e-bike with fully customized interior design and plenty of high performance parts.

  You can scratch that itch for an electric moped without breaking the Juiced Scorpion Bank.  And if you really want to pave the road, you can laugh with hyperscorpion.

What It’s Like Dating Juiced Scorpion EBike?

Juiced Scorpion video review by Micah

Sources: Micah / Juiced Scorpion

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