Nio identifies 800+ battery exchanges in China

By the end of 2022, Nio aims to maintain a network of over 1,300 exchanges in China.  Neo has presented the second generation of its exchanges, which can replace 312 batteries per day,

Chinese electric car maker Neo is expanding its network of battery exchanges at high speed.  The company already operates 828 stations in China, and Nio recently opened its first battery swap outlet in Europe.

Neo, currently based in China, announced in September last year that it intends to massively expand its battery swap network by the start of the upcoming Chinese New Year.

According to the announcement, eight major highways and four densely populated metropolitan areas were to be covered by January 31.  However, according to Neo, only 94 percent of this goal has been reached, which is why the company has apologized to customers on its app.

Note, however, that the expansion is great: On January 21, Neo said it had 800 stations in operation, and 33 days before that, another 100. Thus, virtually three new stations were opened per day by Christmas.  Data published by Neo on January 28 now shows 828 stations – so in the last seven days, there have been an average of four new stations per day.  Of these 828 stations, 220 are on highways, meaning the company is very close to its September target and has only failed to cover all areas as planned.

By the end of 2022, Nio aims to maintain a network of over 1,300 exchanges in China.  Nio presented the second generation of its exchanges, which can replace 312 batteries a day, and in April 2021, the company signed a strategic agreement with Chinese petroleum company Sinopec to help it roll-out.  The primary goal of the cooperation is to build a network of 5,000 charging and swapping stations for electric car batteries by 2025.

  Entry To Norway 

On Wednesday, Neo tweeted that it had opened its first ‘power swap station’ in the continent.  Unsurprisingly, it is located in Norway, Neo’s first European market.  When Nio announced its entry into the Norwegian market in May 2021, the first step was to promise four swap stations to the Oslo metropolitan area, which would later overlap with battery swap stations in major Norwegian cities.

The company has confirmed plans to launch in Germany in 2022 and will also introduce “its products and integrated service systems to the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark” this year.  It is becoming clear that Neo wants to bring its cars and battery-swapping system to these European countries.  The first battery exchanges have already been certified by TรœV in Germany.

In a recent communication, Neo has deployed 637 supercharging stations and 645 destination charging stations and is connected to over 460,000 public chargers in China.


What are battery exchanges?

Battery exchange allows customers to replace their depleted batteries at dedicated stations with fully charged batteries.

How many Nio battery swap stations are there?

To date, NIO has installed a total of 700 battery exchanges, 3,020 power chargers and 3,319 destination chargers and is connected to 430,000 third-party charging piles.

Who supplies batteries for the Neo?

Tech media outlet 36kr today cited sources familiar with the matter, saying that NIO’s 150-kWh semi-solid-state battery supplier, WeLion New Energy Technology, based in Beijing, is also known as Solid State Lion.

How much does the Neo Battery Swap cost?

The construction of NIO’s only second-generation battery swap station costs about RMB 2.5 million, with a capacity of approximately 312 times / day.  Its single rate = (RMB 0.39 + local electricity rate) * Power consumption.  It is predicted that each battery will need to charge 70 kWh each time

Is the NIO battery swap?

Thanks to battery swap stations, NIO is able to offer battery cars as a service (BaaS) sales model, meaning customers are buying a car without a battery and they pay a monthly subscription to use a battery / battery swap.  Network

Take look NIO battery swap station in china

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