Indian Union Minister Nitin Gadkari comes to Parliament in a car driven by sewage

Image of Twitter account of Nitin Gadkari’s office

NEW DELHI: Union Minister of State for Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Wednesday arrived at the Parliament House on Wednesday in a hydrogen-powered car, which is said to be a new hope for petrol and diesel prices.

Gadkari is driving a hydrogen-powered car from his home to Parliament House as part of a pilot project.

The name of this car is ‘Mirai’, in Japanese the word ‘Mirai’ means ‘future’.  The car was invented with a view to the future and can be driven using green hydrogen produced by sewage.

India will soon become a Green Hydrogen exporting country.

Twitter account of Nitin Gadkari’s office

  • Mar 30, 2022
  • Replying to @OfficeOfNG
  • … and its benefits to support hydrogen-based society for India.
  • Shri Gadkari assured that Green Hydrogen will be manufactured in India, Green Hydrogen refuelling stations will be established generating sustainable employment opportunities in the country.
  • In line with PM Shri @narendramodi jiโ€™s vision of clean and cutting-edge mobility in India, our government, through โ€˜National Hydrogen Missionโ€™ is committed to focus on green and clean energy.

Introducing Green Hydrogen, which can be made from sewage, with a view to achieving subjectivity.ย  I am driving this car as part of a pilot project.ย  Green hydrogen production is now in the country.ย  “This will reduce fuel imports and create new employment opportunities,” Gadkari said.

He said India should become self-sufficient in fuel, and the Government of India has launched a hydrogen fuel mission at a cost of โ‚น 3,000 crore.  Gadkari said green hydrogen would be used wherever coal is used in the country.

On March 16, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari released Toyota Mirai, India’s first green hydrogen-based advanced fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV).

Toyota Kirloskar Motor claims that the Toyota Mirai is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell battery pack and can carry 650 km on a single charge.

Sources ANI / Prajavani Web Desk

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