Swedish brand Cake Electric begins using paper products on motorcycles.

PaperShell and Cake Partnership to manufacture motorcycles with paper body panels. Cake is a Swedish company that is known for street motorcycles, electric dirt bikes and mopeds. They announce their partnership with PaperShell to provide motorcycles with paper panels made of paper instead of plastic.


Swedish brand CAKE is at the forefront of the global transition to a zero-emission society by taking concrete steps on its text-based mission.  Over the years, Electric Bike Company has produced lightweight and sustainable-infused electric motorcycles that ride the motorcycle without air or noise pollution as part of a belief in respecting the environment.  On March 24, the company announced its farewell to the plastic used in its products, aiming to bring sustainable options for plastics suitable for use in the automotive industry.

Swedish manufacturers have announced a technical partnership with ‘PaperShell’ to undertake a review of the border.  It has begun evaluating the paper as a replacement for the plastics used in its electric motorcycles.’ 

CAKE has been set up to inspire a zero-emissions society and it carefully investigates the best materials to use on our electric bikes.  We are excited to work with PaperShell and hope that we can play a critical role in finding material that reduces or eliminates the use of conventional plastics on our motorcycles.  This is ultimately a collaboration that will benefit the entire automotive industry and beyond, โ€says Stephen Yetterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE.

Swedish brand CAKE has begun using paper materials on electric motorcycle images courtesy of CAKE

  Natural fibre

PaperShell’s natural fibre composition makes it stronger than plastic with a significantly lower climate impact compared to polypropylene (4.95 kg co2e) or fibreglass (25.05 kg co2e), 0.65kg co2e per functional unit (kg).  CAKE works with PaperShell to evaluate material properties and their potential use as an alternative to some of the plastics currently used in the manufacture of premium electric motorcycles.

โ€œWe are delighted to partner with Cake and look forward to further evolving PaperShell as an object of plastic use.  “We can’t think of a more fully-fledged testbed for our material than an industry-leading electric off-road motorcycle and look forward to developing PaperShell’s inherent resistance to liquids, UV-radiation, weather and fire,” says Anders Braithholtz, CEO.

Swedish brand CAKE begins using paper materials on electric motorcycles: a series of work

Sharing a Sustainable Perspective

The idea behind PaperShell began in 2018 with the key belief that nature is key to climate crisis relief and resource management.  The company aims to return the paper to a more resistant version of wood.  It pays homage to high-tech found in forests, slowing down the paper cycle and creating bio-carbon units instead of wasting on single-use materials or biofuels.

CAKE shares the same perspectives as it gears toward a zero-emissions society by combining passion and responsibility in the development of light, quiet and clean high-performance electric motorcycles and mopeds. 

As an active defender of accelerating and improving initiatives to reduce footprint, CAKE recognizes that its mission will not be to overnight, but through the process of helping people and organisations who share the same policy and move forward toward the ultimate goal.

Swedish brand CAKE electric motorcycle launches paperwork on the electric bike

Swedish brand CAKE electric motorcycle begins using paper bike model

Swedish brand CAKE: begins work on electric motorcycles from Work Series

Swedish brand CAKE begins using paper materials in CAKE’s electric motorcycle riding model

Project Information:

Name: Cake and PaperShell Partnership

Companies: Cake and PaperShell

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