This one e-bike may be the most capable electric bicycle I’ve Analyzed.

RadRunner Plus by Rad Power Bikes is probably one of my favourite all-time electric bicycles – and it’s coming from someone with hundreds of electric bike reviews.  I have ridden some e-bikes that will go faster or carry more passengers or serve any particular niche.  But if I had to choose a single e-bike that could handle as many different daily tasks and ride types as possible, I think it would be…..

RadRunner Plus.

One of my favourite aspects of electric bicycles is that they helped usher in a new era of revolutionary design.

With the help of an efficient electric motor, e-bikes do not suffer from the same design constraints as pedal bikes.

This has opened the door to interesting designs that specialise in all aspects of transportation and entertainment.  And RadRunner Plus is one of the best examples of design freedom we have yet seen in the industry.

To view this amazing e-bike, check out my video review below.  Then continue reading for all the details of this fun little e-bike and what it can do.

Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus Tech Specs

Motor: 750W rear geared hub motor

Maximum speed: 32 km / h (20 mph)

Range: forty five-seventy two km (25-forty five mi) relying on person input.

Battery: 48V 14Ah (672 Wh)

Weight: 33.7 kg (74.three lb)

Maximum load: one hundred forty kg (three hundred lb)

Rear Rack Maximum Load: fifty five kg (one hundred twenty lb)

Brakes: Tektro Mechanical Disc Brakes

Additions: sturdy centre kickstand, LCD display with full data readout, head / tail / brake LED lights, bell, 5 pedal assist settings, half-twist throttle, passenger package, fenders, suspension fork, 7-speed Shimano drivetrain,  Of add-ons

Rad Power Bikes are Radrunner Plus

Built on fine bones

The RadRunner Plus e-bike builds on the classic RadRunner design that debuted in 2019, but adds a number of updated features for greater usability than ever before.

When Rad Power Bikes first rolled out the authentic RadRunner e-bike, I became in love. The brilliant little moped-style utility bike took the goods and passenger features of the Radwagon eBike and combined them with the smaller format of the Rad’s folding e-bikes.  There were only a few small areas where I saw room for improvement in the original RadRunner design, and apparently the Rad Powerbikes had the same thought as I did, because they hit the nail on the head with each upgrade.  Rod Runner Plus.

So in addition to everything you get with the base model RadRunner, you also get an upgraded LCD display, larger headlight, front suspension, fenders, 7-speed Shimano drivetrain and rear passenger kit including padded seat, foot pegs and wheel cover.  (A clear plastic shield to protect passengers from touching the rear wheel).

Each of these is a major upgrade that makes RadRunner Plus such a powerful e-bike for every use case.  Simply put: if something needs to be done, RadRunner will probably do it.

Rad Power Bikes are Radrunner Plus

Built for everyone.  It is designed to do everything

First of all, consider that anyone can fit in this bike.  It has a nice little frame and is easy to mount with its step-by-step design, meaning that small riders and anyone with mobility concerns at their legs / hips will feel comfortable on it.

But with adjustable seating, it does the job just like any other moped-style e-bike can by adjusting to suit the rider.

Tall riders can lift the seat or return to the long bench portion of the seat.

It is very cool how small riders and tall riders can feel comfortable on the same bike and most people will be able to flatfoot it at stations.

Rad Power Bikes are Radrunner Plus

Next, letโ€™s talk about practicality.  The bike is a 20 mph (32 km / h) Class 2 e-bike with a throttle, so you can zip with the throttle to do quick work on the go, or you can use five different levels of pedal help to get better.  And with the upgraded 7-speed Shimano transmission, the steep hills can also be maintained on the Radrunner Plus.

That 750 watt motor delivers a lot of torque, plus the smaller diameter 20 โ€ณ wheels help to further the torque equation, so between powerful power and your own added sway equity, you will be hard-pressed to find a hill you can’t.  Get on this e-bike.

And with that 672 Wh battery, you’ve got a lot more range than most cities need.  If you want to take it easy and take the hammer on the throttle, you can easily do 25 miles (40 km).

But once you start adding your own pedal power to the Motor Assist, you can easily afford another 50-100% higher range from the battery.

Rad Power Bikes with Rad Runner

But this is not a practical bike with enough speed, power and range – the real magic here is utility.  Or should I say, excessive utility.  You can do anything with this e-bike.

On the back of the Passenger Kit, I took my nephews with me for an e-bike fun three-up trifecta!

At the front there are auxiliary mounts to add any number of racks, baskets and other accessories.  And you can add a centre console tool to the centre of the frame, which gives you a giant cover storage area, with a moulded phone holder and cup holder on the top.

     My brother-in-law uses that tool on his Roadrunner and he constantly fills it with his family when they ride an e-bike together.  Sports balls and plenty of water bottles for kids practically make their way to that thing every Sunday afternoon.

With all the features and different customization options, RadRunner Plus is a true do-nothing e-bike.  The Travel Kit makes it easy to vacation with your spouse or leave your child (s) at school.  Large tires and front suspension fork means you can easily ride off-road and hit the trails.  Smaller size means you can set it up in an apartment without the bulk of larger bikes like the RadWagon or RadRover.  The 7-speed drivetrain means you can dial your gear ratio for the perfect fitness ride or hill climb.  Renewed lightning makes you visible at night, even from a distance.  A very wide range of tools means you can turn an e-bike into a dedicated e-bike of any kind you want.  The list goes on and on.

It’s really impressive how much you can do with a single e-bike here.

And while you can clearly state how much I jazz about the RadRunner Plus, it has one thing in common with all other bikes: it’s not perfect.  I can always find a problem or two for cool e-bikes and the RadRunner Plus is no different in that regard.

When Iโ€™m looking for something to complain about, the only two things that fly over me are weight and unusual tire size.

The 74 lb (33 kg) bike is heavy, but expect more or less of it.  Any bike with a powerful motor and a large battery is heavy.  Then add a novel frame with a composite rack, passenger accessories, suspension, etc.  Weight gains.  There is genuinely not anything you could do approximately it. If you want more utility, youโ€™re going to gain more weight.

Another problem is tire size.  On the one hand, it is a very comfortable size because it has the advantages of a fat tire without the extreme bulk or weight of fat tires.  At 3.3 inches wide, it is slightly faster than a regular fat tire.  But that doesnโ€™t mean you canโ€™t pick up a spare tire at any bike shop.  The rod is equipped with all the spare tires and tubes you need (and the rod probably won’t say this but I guess you can fit a 4 โ€ณ tube on a 3.3 โ€ณ tire without much of a problem if you’re in a bind).  But not everyone wants to be locked into a company for their consumable parts – I totally get it (even if the tires are replaced once a year).  So for some people, this is a disadvantage.

I had to search really long and hard to find something to complain about here.  RadRunner Plus is simply the ultimate e-bike to combine the fun and entertainment feel of a weekend e-bike cruise with the usefulness and practicality of a real car-replacement e-bike.  For the price of $ 1,799, you are getting the heck of an e-bike, not to mention the nationwide support range of Rad Power Bikes.

It is rare to find this kind of invention on the e-bike, a true ground-up redesign of the e-bike frame to create an entirely new type of ride.  But Rod Power Bikes has completely woven it and I’m sure it’s worth all that investment to build something really new and unique.

Well, enough to write about it.  All I have to do now is go back outside and ride a little bit!

credited Micah Toll / Drivepilots

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