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Meet a hydrogen powered bicycle that runs 150 km with just one liter of water

LAVO Bike – world’s first hydrogen powered bicycle 

Dutch design firm Studio MOM has teamed up with the hydrogen cell promoter LAVO to develop an e-bike that can carry heavy loads over long distances using only one bottle of water, making it the world’s first hydrogen-powered bicycle.

Dutch design firm StudioMom developed LAVO Bicycle, a compact modular hydrogen transport concept.  Deployed by Providence Asset Group and in collaboration with Sydney, Alien Steering and HyperKid at the University of New South Wales, the bike’s design incorporates an Australian-developed hydrogen storage technology, the LAVO System.  StudioMom is designing sustainable bikes, e-bikes and other forms of transportation for various brands including Gazelle and Cortina.  The company has now designed LAVO Bicycles for Providence Asset Group, an investment firm, financing and managing a variety of assets in renewable energy generation, storage and technology.

The hydrogen bicycle is 150 km in just one litre of water

StudioMom explained in the release of the bike’s design concept that “hydrogen technology is the promise of emission-free energy and can carry up to three times more energy per unit weight compared to sophisticated batteries.”

“High range, immoderate tempo or immoderate payload is easy to achieve. Small-scale transportation with hydrogen is finally solving the short-range problem.

The LAVO moto motorcycle is designed as a toolbox for emission-loose mobility. It is compatible with a variety of applications for use in small businesses;  From city bikes to cargo bikes.  The unique Allian steering hub ensures excellent performance, rigidity and driving comfort.

Strong competitive advantage

The hydrogen powered bicycle is the world’s first and only commercial off-the-shelf hydrogen energy storage system designed for everyday use in homes and businesses, known as the LAVO system. Developed via means of main researchers at the University of New South Wales, LAVO era goals to offer a greater complete, flexible and sustainable answer than different strength garage answers presently at the marketplace.

โ€œLAVO generation has three times as much storage cap potential and has  instances the lifetime compared to market alternatives, imparting a totally specific fee proposition and a strong competitive advantage,โ€ said the Australians.

LAVO’s patented metal hydride absorbs hydrogen into a metal alloy, allowing for safe, long-lasting storage in a secure container.  Designed to be portable and versatile, LAVO technology is being developed for use in a variety of everyday applications.

In addition to the introduction of a hydrogen-powered bicycle that includes the Lao system, the company is developing a range of lifestyle technology products, including hydrogen-powered barbecue.  The LAVO system will be ready for installation soon, and utilise Nedstack PEM fuel cells as a critical component.

Formerly: Yamaha and Toyota project World’s First All-Hydrogen Powered V-Eight Engine

At Toyota’s request, Yamaha developed a 5.0-liter V8 engine (eight-cylinder, “V” shape) intended for hydrogen-powered cars.  This new project deals with a new alliance formed between Toyota, Yamaha and other Japanese automotive companies, which aims to expand fuel options for combustion engines, proving that electrified vehicles are not the only sustainable solution for future mobility.  .

According to Yoshihiro Hidaka, president of Yamaha Motor, Japanese manufacturers are working to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.  Hidaka highlighted that the word ‘motor’ is in the name of the company because a strong enthusiasm and commitment level is an internal combustion engine.


Can we run motor motorcycles with hydrogen?

With easy technology, all present automobiles may be changed to run on hydrogen. The value of hydrogen as gasoline could be very reasonably-priced whilst evaluating different fuels. Hydrogen fuel line expenses simply Rs. 30 in step with litre

How can a hydrogen vehicle pass on 1 kg of hydrogen?

The hydrogen intake averaged 0.fifty five kg/a hundred km (the total tank is 5.6 kg). That’s a considerably better end result than the preceding record, set with the aid of using Hyundai NEXO – 778 km (484 miles

How much does a hydrogen motor motorcycle value?

The Segway Apex H2 Is A Hydrogen Sports Bike That’ll Cost Only ยฃ8k

Which motor motorcycle can run on water?

The XT 500 H2O idea has been created with the aid of business fashion dressmaker Maxime Lefebvre and the task has been commissioned with the aid of Yamaha itself. The upcoming Yamaha XT 500 H2O might be propelled with the aid of using a closed-loop H20 motor and could have a water pump that essentially cycles water and gives a way of propulsion

How many litres of hydrogen does it take to run a vehicle?

At the usual strain utilised in gasoline mobileular car tanks, seven-hundred bar, or seven-hundred atm; the hydrogen takes up 6712 litres/seven-hundred = 9.fifty nine litres. A gasoline mobileular vehicle will bring approximately 10x this a good deal of compressed hydrogen, and a gasoline mobileular SUV approximately 30% more. The tanks themselves weigh round one hundred ten kg

How good is 1kg of hydrogen?

Fossil-primarily based totally hydrogen expenses approximately $1.eighty/kg, and the fee predicted the value of blue hydrogen, which pairs carbon seize with steam methane reformation of herbal fueloline, at approximately $2.40/kg

Is hydrogen higher than electric powered?

Depending on the model, they could boast a well-to-wheel performance of around 70 to eighty in step with cent. By comparison, a hydrogen gasoline mobileular-powered electric powered car (FCEV) is undoubtedly parsimonious, with an typical performance of someplace round 30 to 35 in step with cent. The distinction is in how the 2 methods strength.

How good a deal is hydrogen in a litre of water?

In one litre of water, there’s approximately 111.eleven gr Hydrogen with the quantity of 1.33 m3, and 888.eight gr of Oxygen and it is quantity is 0.670 m3

How much water does it take to deliver 1kg of hydrogen?

Approximately 2.38 gallons

What is a hydrogen motor motorcycle?

The H2 motor motorcycle has a fuel mobileular. Oxygen is delivered into hydrogen with the aid of using ambient air and the response among the 2 generates strength that movements the bicycle forward.  The motor motorcycle emits the best water vapour.  This is why we’re speaking approximately tender mobility without the have an effect on of the environment

What is a hydrogen battery?

From Wikipedia, the unfastened encyclopaedia.  Hydrogen battery can refer to: nickel-hydrogen battery, rechargeable battery with nickel and hydrogen primarily based on total strength source.  Hydrogen gasoline mobileular, an electrochemical mobileular that makes use of hydrogen as a gasoline source.

Studio MOM designs hydrogen-powered LAVO bicycle – regenerated

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