Hero Electric, Bolt to installation 50K EV charging stations throughout India.


As a part of the collaboration, Bolt chargers may be mounted in greater than 750 Hero Electric’s contact factors throughout India benefitting over 4.five lakh customers. Furthermore, around 2,000 Hero Electric riders will avail freed from price Bolt charging units…

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Hero Electric with Bolt

Electric two-wheeler corporation Hero Electric on Wednesday introduced that it has partnered with EV infrastructure issuer Bolt to install 50,000 charging stations in India withinside the subsequent one year.

As a part of the collaboration, Bolt chargers may be mounted in greater than 750 Hero Electric’s contact factors throughout India benefitting over 4.five lakh customers. Furthermore, around 2,000 Hero Electric riders will avail free Bolt charging devices installation at their homes.

“We are overjoyed to associate with Bolt as its charging community will provide low-cost charging answers further, encouraging the transfer to electric powered motors,” Sohinder Gill, CEO, Hero Electric, stated in a statement.

With growing gasoline costs, this tie-up is anticipated to reinforce EV adoption and the motion toward carbon-unfastened mobility in India.

“Our undertaking is to allow carbon-unfastened mobility and connect EV adoption withinside the united states with the aid of constructing a sturdy charging surroundings and reskilling mechanics to provide a more suitable EV driving experience,” Gill stated.

“We don’t forget that this collaboration will increase our efforts to advance the set objective. This partnership will gain the enterprise normal and permit e2W riders clean get entry to to charging stations pan India,” he added.

The partnership will assist each Hero Electric and Bolt gain their shared aim of offering a robust, low-cost and on hand EV charging infrastructure to inspire the adoption of electrical motors withinside the united states.

The Bolt charging community may be leveraged each with the aid of using Hero Electric’s organisation companions and EV customers, drastically curtailing variety anxiety.

Additionally, Bolt may be incorporated in the Hero Electric App and website, imparting a one-prevent answer for finding a charging station, reserving a slot, and payment.

Post-set up of Bolt charging stations, people can pick out among private/public modes of operation for his or her charging stations and determine the charge relying on present commercial/EV tariffs.

Moreover, subscription-primarily based total plans may be introduced for Hero Electric riders to ease their usage, the corporation stated.

About BOLT.

BOLT is India’s largest electric vehicle (EV) charging network.  BOLT’s charging points connect a diverse array of our EV users in 65 different cities nationwide, allowing them to locate nearby charging points using the BOLT app.

1. Robust charging point network

With thousands of electric vehicle charging points in different parts of the country, users can easily rely on the Indian-made BOLT application to locate the nearest charging point so that they can easily and efficiently start the EV recharging process.

2. IoT authority

BOLT is successfully integrated with the Internet of Things (IoT), allowing DISCOMs, EV ecosystem players and end users to take advantage of our IoT enabled smart chargers, gain real network visibility and optimise charging loads.

3. Easy installation

How about an easy charging point to set up?  Installing a BOLT charging point is a very simple and easy process that takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

4. End-to-end charging solution

Through the BOLT app, riders can discover and ee-e book any close by charging points. In addition, they can use the BOLT app to navigate to nearby charging points.

5. Earnings ability

The BOLT Charging Network is India’s largest EV charging network, where owners are in charge of prices set for their charging points.  This translates into a passive income opportunity for charger owners and will only grow with the rise of EVs in the future.

Use two fingers to move the map

Quick and hassle-free installation process

Thinking of setting up a BOLT charging point?  They have made the process easier for you this time.  Here are quick and simple steps for setting up BOLT charging.

1 Mounting the device along with the poster

Once you’ve picked up the device, it’s time for unboxing and unscrewing.  After that, attach the device to the wall.  Get the poster and put it on the device and finally, put the QR code on the poster.

2 Connect to Power

To power up your BOLT device, simply connect the 3 wires: phase (red), ground (yellow), and neutral (black) wire to your power metre.

3 Activating the charger

To use BOLT, one must set up and activate the device – tap on the BOLT app, go to the “My Chargers” option, click on the “plus” symbol and scan the QR code.  After scanning, the device is finally activated.

Earn an Extra Income

Want to earn passive income?  Share Your BOLT Device!

Want to make money by sharing your charging device?

Number of BOLT charging points: 1

โ‚น 1800 / month or more..

Charging networks

Be part of the charging network

The moment you set up and share your charging points with a number of other drivers, you are directly adding value to the EV infrastructure.

Earnings life expectancy

Investing in BOLT charging points at an early stage can unlock a potential income stream that can generate a lifetime of passive income from people who visit your EV charging stations.

Over The Air Updates

You can now update your system with the latest features through OTA updates.

Track your usage

By using the BOLT app, you can easily check your power usage, the number of bookings you’ve made and more.

Why is BOLT an Advanced in Electric Vehicle Charging Ecosystem Enablement?

BOLT has emerged as a technical leader in the industry because of the end-to-end features it offers.

Built-in power metre

Bluetooth connection – trouble-free and fast connection

Hassle-free payments with payment gateway integration

Power surge protection

Compact size

Easy installation

3 Step Easy Booking – Scan-Pay-Charge

Auto power cut on full charge

Built-in battery back-up

V2C and C2V connection

Creating the foundation of smart and connected EVs and ubiquitous EV charging infrastructure is the foundation of the transition towards EV mobility.  BOLT Electric provides end-to-end software solutions for electric vehicles to establish a dense network of electric vehicle charging points across India.  In the next few days, we aim to expand our reach and enable India’s EV charging station ecosystem and take a concrete step towards a greener future.  Our goal is to develop the best systems in the market globally for smart EV charging stations and software.

Rapid and steady growth

Over the years, we have established a dense network of BOLT charging points across India.  In the coming years, we aim to expand the network to more cities and enable India to enable EV charge

The Most Commonly Asked Question (MCAQ):

How much does it value to install an EV charging station in India?

The common value for a public EV charging station in India is Rs.  40-50 lakhs.

Who is setting up EV charging stations in India?

Exicom today announced that it has installed 5,000 EV charging stations in 200 cities across India.  The company has achieved this milestone by installing a 200 kW charger for Tata Power at the Delhi DTC (Delhi Transport Commission) depot.

How many charging stations are there in EV in India?

Currently, India has a total of 1,640 operational public EV chargers.  Of these, nine cities – Surat, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Chennai – have approximately 940 stations.

Who is the biggest producer of EV charging stations in India?

Tata Power, because of its position, is considered the leading manufacturer of EV charging stations in the country.  This power company covers the entire region of 9 states including Delhi, Hyderabad and Mumbai.  They have provided 300 charging points in 40 cities

Which company is building charging stations in India?

EVRE is one of India’s leading integrated charging infrastructure companies.  It follows the Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) model, which offers public and fleet charging infrastructure in 12 cities across the country.

What charging stations can Bolt use?

Like the Chevy Spark EV and Volt, the Bolt EV Phase 3 uses the SAE Combined Charging Connector (CCS) for DC speed charging.  DC Fast Charging is usually available at public charging stations in the office or shopping mall parking lot

What is the BOLT Charging Network?

The BOLT Charging Network is a peer-to-peer charging marketplace where owners are in charge of prices set for their charging points.  This translates into a passive income opportunity for charger owners and will only grow with the rise of EVs in the future.

sources : Bolt / Hero Electric

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