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Marenko Stucki Floats Hybrid-electric helicopter Design

Martin Stuckey-Marenko is the founder of SwissCapter and creator of the SH09 Helicopter – is back with a new hybrid-electric helicopter concept and is looking for investors.  The SwissCopter is now Leonardo’s Copter Division and they first conceived the helicopter announced in 2011, which is in development as a redesigned AW09.  Since leaving SwissScopter in 2016, Stucky has focused on managing his engineering company, Marenko AG (Booth 7411), which he founded in 1997.

The Stuckey’s new aircraft design resembles the SH09 but features a long, all-carbon-fibre fuselage with a seat for up to nine and a pilot.  It is planned to be powered by a 1,000-shp turbine generator / engine, which will power the separate electric motors that drive the main and tail rotors, and charge the backup battery pack for emergency power for autotortions and high-altitude modes.  Stucky said the design eliminates mechanical connections between the turbine and the main rotor, providing a simple and secure design.  

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Stucki Floats Hybrid Helicopter Design

He said, “Most of the malfunctioning problems are eliminated. However, this is the standard helicopter in any case. Any helicopter pilot can fly it. This is completely different from these fancy EVTOLs that want a flight-control software program.”  Cruise speed, he advised AIN.Moorenko’s new design is on the “conceptual and financial side,” the corporate said.

“If you happen to do it a second time, you’ve got different kinds of knowledge,” Stucky maintained.  “Probably too simple.”

Leonardo Helicopters Managing Director Gian Piero Catillo did not address the potential similarities between the AW09 and Marenko’s proposed design.  However, he noted, “You have to bring the product to a certain level of maturity. It’s a free market. Anyone can deal with it.”

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