Review: Mock-off stealth tubeless puncture plugs are silent and ample

It’s important to have a reliable tubeless puncture repair kit on any bike ride, because even my go-to orange seal does not close the snake bite hole in the 12mm long tire-rim interface.  That, and a 7mm lengthy hollow withinside the centre tread, I foolishly gambled with simply 21 psi at the WTB Judge Tough Casing tire at the returned of my Reve Rail in Bike Park Wales.  Fortunately, I have installed a mock-off stealth tubeless puncture plug tool in the handlebar for the moment.

  Mukoff Steaktube Tubeless Tire Plugs Tools Repair Knife Trimmer

Review: Mack-off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs

Mack-off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs sell for ยฃ 30.  It gets you a two-in-one puncture plug and a reamer tool, 5x thin tire worms, 5x medium tire worms, 5x thick tire worms and a knife trimming tool.  The Plug / Reamer and Knife Trimming Tool is designed to reside on your bike’s handlebar, each positioned with a silica extension plug.  Thus, it is practically impossible to forget them while you ride.

  Mack-off Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug Kit Topics

The Repair Kit comes with a 3 size Silica Extension Plug (17mm, 19mm and 21mm) to accommodate different interior widths of aluminium and carbon bars.  The 19mm extension plug fits nicely into my OneUp Components carbon bar.


  (Mook-off tubeless octer repair stealth tools store tire worms inside) You can pre-load your plugger tool with a tire worm, leaving room for additional thin worms on the sides

To install the equipment, you will need to run unchecked grips on their outer edge.  You should be able to remove the bar-end plug so you can replace it with the tool.  An example of grip that does not fit with these accessories is the Fabric Fungi Grip.  An example of a grip that fits into the mak-of stealth tubeless puncture plug is the Ergon GD1 grip shown here, though literally any lock-on or slip-on grip that comes with bar-end plugs should work.

After inserting the tool into the bar, you rotate the Allen head clockwise until you feel enough resistance.  This causes the silica plug to expand, force it against the inner diameter of the bar, and hold it tight.


(Muc-f tubeless repair device inside the handlebar) Inside the bar, tire worms are protected from the elements, so they are still fresh and sticky when you need to use them

So, are the tools upsetting?

I am glad to record that they’re not.  The extension plug seems to do a good job of holding the equipment in place so they don’t move around and hit the inside of the bar when you land in rough terrain.  You can forget that they are there until you need them.

Each tool added about 2mm effective handlebar width compared to the WTC bar-end plug I removed to install the Muc-Off Tubeless Repair Tools.  From the outer edge of the Ergon grip plastic sleeve, the tool adds a width of 6mm.

This should be considered if you are riding wooden trails and the distance between them is narrow.  This is true for me;  My bars were cut to 740mm wide for narrow tracks in the Tweed Valley.  Since installing the puncture plug tool, I have usually clipped a few more trees on the right side.

In fairness, if you clip the tree, the muck-off bar-end is chambered to make sure the bar looks at it.  The chamfered edge means that no matter what it hits, it cannot be dug.  Every time I cut a tree, it was completely unreasonable.  It pushed the bar back in the moment and I was able to ride without interruption.  The effect was tearing off the white rubber end-cap cover, which looked so dirty.  Personally, I didn’t find the extra plastic I needed.  I run my hands over the edge of the bar, but my pinky doesn’t hang fast enough to hold the bar-end plug.


(5 mm long Mook-off Tubeless Repair worms) The plugger tool is sharp, easy to push a tire worm into the cut of the tire without much resistance

For the repair tubeless punctures, the muck-off kit works as designed.  For a 12mm cut on the tire-rim interface, I filled two medium sized worms side by side.  One of the middle worms was plugged into the 7mm hole in the tread area.  After a CO2 canister, I return to the trails … until the worm and tread area are torn apart.


(Trim the tire worm with a rev of the Knight Mack-of Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plugs)

Each worm is 5 cm long, which in most cases is too long.  The knife trimmer easily cuts the extra, making you less vulnerable to plug ripping as you ride.

I haven’t installed the trimming tool on the opposite end of the bar yet, regrettably.  The second repair work was carried out successfully.  You can probably escape with cutting each worm in half;  The result is less waste and there is no need to trim the excess worm, but you should be more careful to make sure that you do not push the whole thing into the tire when adding the worm.

Then, I trimmed the tire worms so that there was no excess on the outside.  The knife was sharp enough for work.


  (Tubeless Repair with Mack of Stealth) Three medium tire worms successfully fitted two holes in WTB Judge Tough Casing MTB tire

Pros and Cons


Fixes Tubeless Punctures successfully

It is impossible to forget in the ride

Don’t bother


Increases the effective handlebar width,

The rubber covers are delicate and easily torn


  (Music-of-Stealth Tubeless Repair Plugs weigh 65g)

The Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug Kit weighs 65g on our Park Tool DS-2 scales.

Pricing and Availability

The new Make-of-Stealth Tubeless Puncture Plug Kit is available in ten different colorful anodized options, conveniently matching their tubeless valve kits.  A hidden accessory pair retails for ยฃ 30/35 เฒˆเฒ— and is now available from Muc-Off: Oil Slick Iridescent, Matte Black, Silver, Gold, Orange, Red, Muck-Off Rose, Violet, Blue, or Green.  Refill worms are available for ยฃ 4.99 per 15 pack

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