First examine Tailfin cage packs and straps.

Even earlier than the term “bikepacking” got here into the biking dialect, human beings had been packing dry baggage for their bikes.  This is an easy manner to feature a chunk of garage potential however the greater area comes with apparent drawbacks.  Typically the ones drawbacks consist of in particular bike-pleasant bag shapes and instability if the baggage aren’t securely secured.  My kitchen package isn’t a huge fan of flying my wheel or continuously converting the baggage from the tough slope position, so useful and solid baggage are vital for me.

Today, Tailfin has added a conventional shipment cage bag and TPU strap to increase its variety of motorcycle baggage.  Despite the shortage of agencies supplying their personal variations of the equal kits, Tailfin thinks they have got the proper aggregate of ease of use, durability, waterproofness and balance on pinnacle of the pile.  To take a look at that theory, for the past few weeks, I actually have had the possibility to position this set of baggage and straps via the Wringer at the same time as visiting the tough and dust roads of the Colombian Andes.

  “Speedy” cage packs

The first component that jumps out at you while searching for baggage are the 2 small hooks at the front of the bag.  These bendy TPU bits are a part of their “Speed โ€‹โ€‹Hook ” attachment gadget, which permits you to manual the bag to the shipment cage without absolutely undoing the straps and permitting the straps to help the bag in location whilst you tighten them.  They double as the precise location to govern unfastened stripes and if you’re like me and feature a mountain of straps from diverse brands, TPU is well matched with a huge variety of straps.

The tailfin shipment cages have slots which are absolutely consistent with the spacing of the hooks, however I actually have extensively utilised a few huge function cages without any issues and I wager maximum shipment cages paintings even though they don’t.  100% absolutely in line.

If I actually have one grievance about strap integration, it is a touch complex to position the ultimate little unfastened stop into the shipment cage slot to preserve the appearance neat and tidy as it’s a decent squeeze with looping via the relaxation of the strap.  Therefore, I frequently tuck the strap stop into the adjoining slot due to the fact it’s miles speedy and easy, making it sloppy.  The length of the cage fit in destiny iterations makes the Speed โ€‹โ€‹Hook gadget a hint quicker at the same time as preserving the appearance fine and clean.

In addition to speedy hooks, incorporated loops are displayed on the perimeters of the baggage, which permits for every other manner of securing them to cages, in case you cost remaining protection over speed.


As with all of Tailfin’s offerings, the baggage is fabricated from long lasting water-proof substances with welded construction.  While some weeks on the street might not be enough to check lengthy-lasting durability, the preliminary effect mixed with a tailfin music report that doesn’t lessen substances or sacrifice construct fine to keep some grams offers self assurance that they’ll ultimately.  At first, I thought the quick hook would become a vulnerable factor in durability, however so far, the hook’s Uber-Flexi TPU cloth is a hassle, regardless of how in many instances I scrape it to the wall or get off the straps.

Dimensions and Configuration

With sizes of 1.7L, 3L, and 5L, those baggage manage diverse programs from device kits to snoozing pads and beyond.  I examined 3L in my downtown, which stored all my equipment, spare parts, and primary resource package I added on the trip.  The rectangular form of the bag prevents it from inflating and disrupting the crank, which may be a hassle with spherical baggage with this sort of capability.

I actually have used  5L baggage connected to the aeropack legs, mainly for layers, gloves, jackets and the occasional empanada.  A fine contact to the 5L bag is the air launch valve, which permits you to roll effortlessly and tightly (strive now no longer to wreck your empanadas).

TPU Lists

I was a Voile strap addict because I first were given my palms on it, so once I say I actually have their mountain, it is now no longer a good deal of a stretch.  Tailfins take the attempted and genuine TPU listing and intention to make a few modifications to lead them to be even more bike-pleasing.

One tweak of the conventional layout I like is the attitude latch interface that creates a gadget that best touches the tools as opposed to the buckle, which could rub in opposition to baggage and bottles while matters alternate and motive issues with inside the lengthy run.  Itโ€™s a diffused tweak however a substantial one.

The compact TPU strap manual is every other small however fine contact as it leaves tough plastic bits that have a tendency to rub in opposition to baggage or bottles.  My pre-manufacturing strap became a touch tight to string the manual strap however I was informed that this has been advanced in manufacturing variations.

Final Conception

If you’re searching out a water-proof and flexible bag with a number of mounting alternatives and cages, tailfin baggage and straps are an excellent choice.  The mounting gadget is a touch much less risky than a few different alternatives and the one-of-a-kind sizes provide you with many possibilities.  However, in case you have already got a tailfin rack or aeropack with paneer mounts, I’d suggest selecting up their mini panniers in 5L or 10L sizes.  There isn’t anyt any obese penalty and the baggage are even quicker to select out up and select out up the bike.  Not to say that matters are a chunk simpler to get entry to while not having to get rid of the baggage.  Still, the flexibility of the cage gadget can not be denied, making it a completely worth access into area.


Cage packs

Material: Ripstop Nylon and Hypalon,

Volume: 5L (183g), 3L (154g), 1.7L (115g),

Price (with out listings): 1.7L ยฃ 30 โ‚ฌ 40 $ 40 – 3L ยฃ 35 โ‚ฌ 45 $ 45 – 5L ยฃ 45 โ‚ฌ 60 $ 60

Price (with pair lists): 1.7L ยฃ 40 โ‚ฌ 50 $ 50 – 3L ยฃ 45 โ‚ฌ 55 $ 55 – 5L ยฃ 55 โ‚ฌ 70 $ 70

TPU Cargo Strap

Lengths: 40, 50, sixty five cm

Price (in keeping with listing): 40cm ยฃ 7.50 – 50cm ยฃ 8.00 – 65cm ยฃ 8.50

Price (while bought with Cage Pack): ยฃ 10 in keeping with pair

For extra information, visit Tailfin.cc


Where can I set up a cage pack on my bike?

You can set up a cage pack where you normally use a cargo cage. It is usually located on the side of the front fork, inside the frame, under the downtube or on the back of the alloy tailfin.

What about cage packs?

The cage pack is designed to work in conjunction with cargo cage and straps to carry extra luggage on your bike.

What can I carry in a cage pack?

Anything you want to take on a bikepacking trip or a day ride. Small volume packs are ideal for accessories and jackets, while larger packs can be used for bulk items such as stoves and sleep systems.

Can I use a cage pack with any branded cargo cage?

Yes! Although we recommend using tailfin cargo cages for the best experience, all cage packs work perfectly with any style of cargo cage.

Are Cage Packs Waterproof?

Yes. All cage packs are 100% waterproof when used properly.

Are the lists included?

Listings are not automatically included in the price of the cage pack. You can add sets of lists when ordering a cage pack.

What long strips for which bags?

We have specifically designed three strip lengths to accommodate the storage capacity of three different volume cage packs. When you order a set of lists with a cage pack we provide the most appropriate length. Our pairs: 1.7L cage pack + 40cm strap length. 3L Cage Pack + 50cm Strap Length. 5L cage pack + 65cm strap length.

Can I order lists separately?

Yes. We currently sell 40, 50 and 65cm standard width cargo straps as well as a 30cm narrow width (for mini cage)

What size bag for a cargo cage of any size? (Eg Can I set a 5L in a mini cage?)

The spacing of the speed hook system in the cage pack is designed to work primarily with small and large cargo cages. We recommend using a larger cargo cage for larger cage packs.

Can I use Voile Strap instead or Tailfin Cargo Strap?

Yes. The open style of the Speed โ€‹โ€‹Hook system allows it to be used with any flat cargo strap, even wider versions.

Can I use packs without a cage?

Cage packs are designed to be attached to a cargo cage-style mount and cannot be safely attached without this style of cage.

Sources Tailfin

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