Ola Electric S1 Pro Electric Scooter Move OS2 Runs on Kartak’s First Ride Review.

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Although many customers have had some problems with Ola Electric’s S1 Pro, the electric scooter has been able to make its way into the top 10 best-selling scooters.  The S1 Pro is the only electric scooter currently able to do so.

Ola Electric is also working to fix the problems. Being an electric powered scooter, the S1 Pro can get hold of software program updates similar to our cellular phones.  They recently rolled out Move OS 2.0 for users.  The new update fixes some bugs and brings new features that have been disabled so far.

The screen displays the OS version

So far, you should have seen plenty of riding reviews of the Ola S1 Pro.  So, this review focuses on all the changes that Move OS 2.0 brings and what are the features of an electric scooter.  So, let’s talk about the problems that have been solved.


 The sudden range drops

Many users have reported that the riding range of the scooter will suddenly fall.  The owner reported that the scooter’s battery suddenly dropped from 15 percent to 3 percent.  Ola says that Move OS 2 solves this problem.  Moreover, we did not face this problem.  For us, the ride range is consistent and accurate.

Facing errors and delays in unlocking / locking

Users have reported significant delays in locking and unlocking the scooter.  Now, the scooter will alert you if the scooter is not locked or unlocked properly. The display offers a spark off that says “Scooter is in part locked” or “Scooter is partially unlocked”.  One problem we encountered is that sometimes the trunk does not open from the app and the touch screen.  It says “trunk is already open” but it is not.

Scooter going backwards in forward mode

We have seen many videos where the scooter is in reverse direction, even in forward drive mode.  This has caused some mishaps.  Ola has also fixed this issue with the new update.

Features of the Move OS 2

Ola Electric Move has enabled cruise control functionality with OS 2.  We have used cruise control and it works just as it should.  It operates between 20 kmph and 80 kmph and is disabled as soon as you give any input to the scooter.

The chime plays through the speakers each time you enable or disable cruise control.  If there is no icon, it means cruise control is not active.

There is a trademark at the show display.  If the icon is green it means that the cruise control is active.  If the icon is orange, it means that cruise control is not available for some reason.  Cruise control is not available because the scooter is not at its ideal speed or you are in Eco mode.  For some reason the cruise control function does not work in environmental mode.

  Mobile App

Reusable materials are a nice touch for the toolkit and first aid kit

You now have a mobile companion app with a scooter.  Itโ€™s called โ€œOla Electricโ€.  Through the app, you can lock / unlock the scooter and open the trunk.  The app displays the ride range in each riding mode.

You can also see the charge state of the scooter, the odometer reading and the software version.  The app is decent but it lacks geo-fencing and vehicle tracking features, which is a kind of bummer.

  On-board navigation

The scooter now also supports on-board navigation through MapmyIndia maps. The consumer interface is clean for the maximum part  You can type your navigation and maps will show up on your homepage while you navigate.  However, we have found that maps do not work every time.  It takes a lot of time to load or sometimes refuses to load.  However, there is a solution.  If users choose to do so voluntarily, Ola will upgrade the hardware and it will resolve issues with the GPS.

Music playback through speakers

The Move OS 2.0 scooter also has music playback enabled via in-built speakers.  So, you need to connect your mobile phone to the scooter and then play music from your mobile phone.

You can skip ahead, go to the previous / next track, increase the volume, lower the volume, and play the pause with the D-pad buttons placed on the right.  What is annoying is that the scooter automatically starts playing music when the phone is connected.

  Environmental mode

The new software update has also brought a new riding mode.  This is called the Eco Mode and it increases the scooter’s ride range to about 170 km.  Maximum speed is limited to just 40 kmph.  Eco mode can be activated by long pressing the Ride Mode button.  It seems a bit strange that the Eco Mode is hidden and the rider can access the Hyper Mode directly.

Other things we noticed are that there are no voice commands and no user profiles yet.  Although you can connect to a mobile phone, the screen will not show you your notifications and there will be no call alerts.

There are no danger lights.  Features such as reverse assist and USB port are nice to have.  Overall, Move OS 2 is an upgrade over Move OS 1 because it enables some of the pre-promised features.  In addition, it also addresses some of the major issues reported by users.  Ola can add many more features and consider it an electric scooter and fix bugs and only require a software upgrade.

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