What’s magic about Decathlon’s Magic Bike idea?

Decathlon explores concept of ‘simplest to use’ e-bike

French sports activities retail massive Decathlon is thought to be the price for cash merchandise masking a massive variety of sports activities and amusement activities. That consists of its very own logo B’Twin branded e-bikes that often get super reviews for the price for cash they offer – and for the reality they paint quite nicely too.

But now it is exploring what seems to be a great deal pricier and greater superior e-bike tech withinside the shape of a lately introduced idea Magic Bike (the B’TWIN CONCEPT_01 to be greater precise). It’s very likely no greater than a set of vibrant thoughts made into a few pleasant searching pc renderings at this stage – however if Decathlon receives sufficient fantastic purchaser comments then sincerely that is one business enterprise that very much has the manner to show the idea into reality. 

Magic Bike body 2.jpg, via way of means of Decathlon

Just what’s the Magic Bike idea?

Safety, simplicity and flexibility are on the coronary heart of the Magic Bike idea, says the blurb. Connectivity and automation are sincerely the 2 principal ways of attaining this. So does a scroll via the extraordinary slick internet site display something so innovative it is able to justifiably be referred to as magic?

Magic Bike Drivetrain.jpg, via way of means of Decathlon

There seems to be a mid-power motor that makes use of a belt power connecting to rear hub gears which might be stated to be completely automated. Rather surprisingly the belt power is likewise completely enclosed – a ‘clean’ answer normally reserved for chain drives. 

Magic Bike body.jpg, via way of means of Decathlon

A modular body-included battery which can efficiently be used as any mixture of 3 smaller batteries offers degrees of 19, 37 or fifty six miles. 

Connectivity is mentioned, as is automated wi-fi locking and unlocking while the proprietor procedures the bike. Flipping down the kickstand additionally mechanically locks the bike. All pleasant secondary protection functions however are now no longer a substitute for a superstrong lock…

See or be seen.jpg, via way of means of Decathlon

There are mild bar fashion lighting fixtures at the front of the handlebar; as a substitute paying homage to the sort pioneered by way of means of Gocycle with bar-give up indicator lighting fixtures. 

Single lever braking turns on each the front and rear brakes. Such structures are not unusual places on trikes.

The bike additionally functions quick-connect proprietary the front and rear racks with a toddler seat option.

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Not innovative… however thrilling

Arguably there may be nothing

in particular new here, by no means innovative. Many functions are already present on the brand new breed of extraordinary clean and slick e-bikes from the likes of Van Moof and the cutting-edge step via Cowboy, each of which we have got reviewed and liked. 

Perhaps greater thrilling is the reality it appears Decathlon is probably checking out the waters earlier than they circulate farfar from their decidedly budget – and relatively successful – method to e-motorcycles to a funkier, greater upmarket and pricier method that could absolute confidence suggest greater funding in proprietary technology. Van Moof are arch-exponents of this method. We lately protected the release in their 30mph ‘destiny bike’ that virtually supposes destiny modifications withinside the e-bike velocity limit. Its modern illegality hasn’t stopped them taking masses of preorders….

So, Decathlon is genuinely coming into a thrilling area, even supposing most effective actually at this stage. It’s tough to be towards a method that makes e-bikes greater famous via means of making them slick and sexy – in spite of everything maximum humans agree they’re a part of the answer to modern delivery woes.

On the other hand, use of unique, proprietary designs, with their loss of broadly to be had and fairly priced spares, arguably takes e-bikes a step farfar from sustainability and closer to in-built obsolescence.

As the announcing goes ‘there may be a debate to be had’ and, judging via way of means of the feedback at the 30mph Van Moof story, a debate there may be masses of hobby in, whether or not you believe you studied such e-bikes are just ‘techno-toys’ or a real imaginative and prescient of the destiny

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