Bulgaria’s $4.5M Alieno Unum Delivers “Robotic Electric Hypercar” With 24 Electric Motors And Thrusters

Bulgarian startup Alieno has communicated its 2nd product with a sequence of renderings of a “robot electric powered hypercar” known as the Unum, which touts a few bizarre and comical specifications that might make even SP Automotive’s Chaos blush.  The prototype, which presently simplest exists within the minds of the Bulgarian agency, is stated to apply 24 electric powered vehicles and more than one air thrusters to attain a pinnacle pace of 363 mph (584 km/h).

Bulgaria’s $4.5M Alieno Unum gives hot air a run for its money with 24 electric motors and thrusters

Notably, this isn’t always the primary time we have heard about Alieno.  Founded in 2015, the agency dropped information of its first product, Arcanum, in 2018, however we have got but to look for any proof that it exists past renderings.  Nevertheless, Alieno claims that every one its fashions are primarily based totally at the equal in-house-designed platform.

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At first glance, the Unum looks as if a Lamborghini-stimulated hypercar from an unlicensed video game.  The frame is complete of creases, intakes and bizarre-searching aero components, with the absence of primary capabilities (inclusive of the A-pillars) making it appear like an early CAD modelling workout through a layout student.  Mko Mchev, Alieno’s leader layout officer, says they have been stimulated through the Xenomorph Queen from the sci-fi film Alien, in addition to Batmobiles, bugs and crustaceans.

Hey VW Group, each person inquisitive about taking Lamborghini off your hands!

In a legitimate press release, Founder, CEO and CTO of Alieno, Ahmed Merchev, expressed his admiration for the Lamborghini brand, admitting that it changed into the principle supply of notion for Alieno.  He stated his favourite ICE-powered supercar remains the sky blue Aventador, and if the version changed into an EV shape in 2015, he might in all likelihood purchase it and now no longer have trouble beginning a brand new agency.

The Alieno CEO went as a long way as to signify that his agency is thinking about shopping for the Sant’Agata brand: “We had been thinking about the opportunity for a few time – of route absolutely hypothetical at this point – that withinside the future, ALIENO will accumulate or associate with the Lamborghini brand. In phrases of technologies, I accept as true that ALIENO can make a contribution to the improvement of the Lamborghini spirit withinside the future.  .well, here is hoping the CEO has a depraved experience of humour.

Still now no longer having fun?  Then you could get a kick out of a number of the specs and capabilities indexed withinside the prolonged press release.  First of all, there are  extraordinary powertrain editions: THF, which stands for ‘The Heavenly Founder’, which is “Powered and Controlled through Electricity” and TRS (The Rocket Successor) which is “Powered and Controlled through Electricity and Air”.

In Alieno’s colourful fable world, the completely electric powered THF is to be had in 4 extraordinary strength outputs: RP2 with 2,610 hp, RP3 with 3,481 hp, RP4 with 4,351 hp, and RP5 with 5,221 hp and eight,880 lb-ft (6,850 Nm) of torque.  The entry-degree RP2 has 12 electric powered vehicles (3 consistent with wheel), at the same time as the flagship RP5 has 24 electric powered vehicles (six consistent with wheel).  This might be the maximum we have ever heard of equipped in an unmarried vehicle.

Alieno Octopus Synergistic System

Moving to the flagship TRS variant, it keeps the THIEF’s 24 electric powered vehicles however provides an “Alieno Octopus Synergistic System” presenting variable geometry “rocket bloodless air thrusters” 3-d published from titanium, metallic and Inconel.  The Bulgarian agency says the thrusters are below wonderful grilles at the exterior, in order that they do not ruin the hypercar’s easy layout and use not anything extra than everyday warm air.

There’s additionally an “Alieno store me” package deal that makes use of thrusters to repair grip, stabilise and brake the hypercar, or blast any dirt, snow, fog or rainwater from the street floor in the front of the tires.  It appears that the men at Alieno did a number of late-night time bingeing classes as additionally they took into consideration the occasion of a deep water drop, in which compressed air keeps the strain in the cabin and maintains the hypercar afloat.

Take that Tesla;  The battery fees from 0-80% in 3.2 mins

Both the THF and TRS editions of the Unum are stated to be geared up with an 800V battery percent made of graphene LiPo cells and supercapacitors in 3 extraordinary capacities: 60 kWh (race battery percent), a hundred and twenty kWh (song battery percent), or a hundred and eighty kWh (road battery percent).  Using a unique 2,seven hundred DC charger that Alieno builds “to patron order”, a complete rate of the huge battery is finished in 4 mins.  If you are in a hurry, you could rate it from 0-80% in 3.2 mins, due to the fact that seemingly saving 0.eight mins makes a distinction sometimes.

Alieno Arcanum (pinnacle) and Alieno Unum (bottom)

According to Alieno’s boss, Unum’s layout is complete, as are allowed for his or her new manufacturing line in Tuhovishta, Bulgaria.  The agency says it expects to see its first hypercars on the street “no earlier than 2024-2027” however guarantees it’s going to be “really well worth the wait.”  On the legitimate website, the agency is inviting investors, calling on involved events to pay at least โ‚ฌ900 ($911) to accumulate a 0.001% stake in Alieno.  The purpose is to attract โ‚ฌnine million ($nine.1 million) in overseas funding to take a 10% fairness stake withinside the agency.

Alieno says it’s far already accepting pre-orders, with transport instances starting from 18 to 30 months, relying on the variant.  Electric-simplest Alieno Unum THF expenses variety from โ‚ฌ1,800,000 ($1,823,517) to โ‚ฌ2,seven hundred,000 ($2,735,275), at the same time as thruster-geared up Alieno Unum TRS expenses variety between โ‚ฌ0,90,500 ($0,90,500) and โ‚ฌ2,seven hundred,000 ($2,735,275).  Well, it is all from Alino.

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