Siemens bags first order for Hydrogen-Powered Trains in Germany

Launched to update diesel multi-unit trains, the Mireo Plus H is predicted to supply various 1,000km.

Project Plan Type: Regional rolling stock

Manufacturer: Siemens Mobility

Maximum pace: one hundred sixty km according to hour

Rank: Between 800 km and 1,000 km

Siemens Mobility evolved hydrogen education in partnership with Deutsche Bahn.  Credit: Siemens.

Siemens Mireo

Mireo Plus H trains are next-era, hydrogen gasoline cell-powered passenger trains evolved with the aid of using Siemens Mobility to update diesel-powered passenger trains and allow 0 carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions in rail transport.

Siemens Mobility is a one at a time controlled employer of the German multinational conglomerate Siemens.  It evolved the brand new trains in partnership with German railway operator Deutsche Bahn (DB) below the H2goesRail joint undertaking, which makes a speciality of decarbonisation to make certain a cleanser destiny for German rail transport.

Siemens Mobility and DB unveiled the Mireo Plus H and a brand new hydrogen garage tank trailer in May 2022 at the Siemens Mobility plant in Krefeld, Germany.  The DB designed hydrogen garage tank trailer has a clever managed unit to allow speedy refuelling.  Hydrogen trains.

Siemens Mobility unveiled the Mireo Plus H, a hydrogen gasoline mobileular-powered education in May 2022.  Credit: Siemens.

The hydrogen-powered educate is a part of the Siemens Mireo magnificence of trains.

Testing of the brand new education is predicted to start in Baden-Wรผrttemberg in 2023, observed with the aid of using industrial operations at the path among Tรผbingen, Harb and Forzeim in 2024.

Specifications of Mireo Plus H

The Mireo Plus H is a second-era hydrogen education primarily based totally on hybrid generation that consists of a fuel cell pressure machine and a lithium-ion battery pack.

The educate may be operated independently of an overhead connecting line and is powered with the aid of using hydrogen constituted of renewable sources.

The educator will first of all have 3 vehicle gadgets and may attain a pace of 160km/h.  It has a traction strength of 1.7MW to offer an excessive acceleration of as much as 1.1m/sยฒ.

The Mireo Plus H is predicted to provide a range between 800km and 1,000km.  Credit: Siemens.

The -vehicle configuration is predicted to provide as much as 800km at the same time as the 3-vehicle configuration is predicted to have a range between 800km and 1,000km.  Fueling the hydrogen education is predicted to take much less than 15 minutes.

Hydrogen is saved in tanks located at the roof of the educate to feed a fuel cell machine to generate strength to run the educate.  The tanks encompass Type IV stress cylinders and are included with the aid of using a closed cowl to save you mechanical damage, in addition to the poor effect of ultraviolet (UV) rays.  The lithium-ion traction battery machine makes use of regenerative braking generation to store extra strength from the braking operation, that’s then used to strengthen the education.

The Gas Handling-Unit (GHU) measures the stress and temperature of the tank machine and suggests its fill level.  A clever interface allows conversation among the educated and the filling station to manipulate gasoline delivery.

The gasoline cells used withinside the Mario Plus are stated to have two times the strength density as compared to traditional fuel cell structures.

Siemens Mobility evolved hydrogen education in partnership with Deutsche Bahn.  Credit: Siemens.

The wheels are pushed immediately without cardan shafts.  Converter-primarily based totally induction turbines draw strength from a fuel cell and/or excessive-overall performance traction battery and use it to pressure the wheels.  A hydrogen fuel cell machine costs the battery and materials strength to onboard structures in the course of regular operations.

Design and functions of hydrogen powered educate

The educate is designed with superior aerodynamics and welded and vital light-weight aluminium, making it one of the lightest-weight trains.

Built with a cutting-edge design, its miles are predicted to function with a spacious interior.  Each vehicle has 3 doorways on every side.  Passenger facilities encompass loose Wi-Fi and real-time passenger records show structures.

The education additionally gives a particularly unique circle of relatives region and  multi-motive regions that may accommodate buggies, wheelchairs and as much as 12 bicycles.

A new signage machine at the educator will assist offer clean and hassle-loose passenger interchange.

Mireo Plus H improvement details

In February 2018 Siemens acquired investment approval from the German Federal Ministry for Transportation and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) for the improvement of a gasoline cell pressure for the Siemens Mirio rail platform.

The employer has partnered with Canadian fuel cell manufacturer Ballard Power Systems and RWTH Aachen University on a gasoline cell studies and improvement undertaking that consists of the improvement of next-era gasoline cells with stepped forward performance with better strength density and longer life.

The partnership has acquired โ‚ฌ13.74m ($14.49m) in investment from the BMVI as a part of its countrywide hydrogen and fuel cell generation innovation programme.

In October 2020, Siemens Mobility signed a settlement with Siemens Energy for the joint improvement of an electrolysis and fuel way to swiftly fuel hydrogen trains.

Supporting infrastructure

DB Energy, a commercial enterprise unit of DB, materials the hydrogen had to guide the operation of the brand new trains.  Hydrogen is produced using electrolysis at DB Energy’s cellular filling station at the DB Regio plant in Tรผbingen, southwest Germany.

The Mireo Plus H is maintained with the aid of the DB Regio workshop in Ulm.  The workshop may be transformed right into a renovation centre and may be manned with the aid of using educated DB Regio employees supported with the aid of Siemens Mobility employees.


The Mireo Plus H educate’s hydrogen pressure machine presents more performance and overall performance as compared to traditional drives.

Besides making sure emission-loose operation, hydrogen drives are predicted to offer quieter operation as compared to traditional combustion engines.

The educator has an extended variety and is predicted to generate low renovation and lifecycle costs.  This is predicted to offset about 520t of CO2 according to 12 months.

Siemens Mobility unveiled the Mireo Plus H, a hydrogen fuel cell-powered education in May 2022.  Credit: Siemens.

Orders and Deliveries

German rail operator Bayerische Regiobahn (BRB) signed a settlement with Siemens Mobility in March 2022 for a -vehicle hydrogen-powered education set to perform on its rail community as a part of a pilot undertaking.

Starting from mid-2023, the educator is predicted to be examined at the Augsburg-Fรผssen path in Bavaria and on different routes in BRB’s community.  As a part of the trial operation, the Siemens hydrogen education will begin industrial operation in January 2024 and could run for 30 months.

Siemens Mobility ordered  200kW fuel cell modules from Ballard Power Systems to strengthen the Mario PlusH education for trial operation.

Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn (NEB), the nearby railway operator, has presented Siemens Mobility an order to fabricate and deliver seven -vehicle Mireo PlusH trains in June 2022.  Deliveries will take vicinity in autumn 2024, the equal 12 months as carrier access is deliberate for December.  Trains run at the Heidekrautbahn community (RB27) withinside the Berlin-Brandenburg metropolitan region.

The order calls for Siemens Mobility to offer carrier and spare elements till 2034.

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