South Africa’s Eskom confirms agreement awards for 1,440MWh battery garage

South African grid battery strength storageSites were decided on which have confined the right of entry to Eskom’s distribution community, however in proximity to large-scale renewables.


South Africa’s number one strength dealer Eskom has introduced info of impending fundamental battery garage deployments, together with venture webweb sites and sizes.

The application and strength grid operator stated on Friday (31 July) that it intends to have the primary 343MW of a 500MW countrywide strength garage rollout introduced with the aid of South Africa’s president Cyril Ramaphosa on line with the aid of using December 2024.

Eskom decided on  battery strength garage system (BESS) providers, South Korea’s Hyosung Heavy Industries and Chinese organisation Pinggao Group, from bidders in an aggressive solicitation method.  

The 343MW of BESS may be 4-hour duration, which means a complete of 1,440MWh capacity. The structures may be constructed in  phases. Phase 1 will see 199MW/833MWh of battery garage constructed, along 2MW of sun PV, whilst Phase 2 will see 144MW/616MWh of BESS mounted collectively with 58MW of sun PV.

As mentioned with the aid of using Energy-Storage.information in March while Eskom stated it become withinside the method of finalising Phase 1 agreement discussions, the battery garage structures will assist manipulate height load at the strength community, in addition to offering different packages like ancillary services.

In April, Hyosung discovered that it had obtained an Eskom letter of reputation for a separate 48MW/192MWh venture close to the town of Durban.

The rollout is being financially supported with the aid of using agencies together with the World Bank and the African Development Bank, the latter offering US$fifty eight million support.

Projects may be sited at far flung regions with confined right of entry to the strength distribution community, however which might be though now no longer a ways from renewable strength flora operated with the aid of using unbiased strength producers (IPPs).

Eskom defined the buildout as a flagship proof-of-idea programme for the position of batteries at the South African grid in permitting the mixing of large-scale sun PV and wind into the strength mix, whilst growing community stability, reliability and safety of supply.

The application may even construct a studies and improvement and checking out centre for battery garage structures in Rosherville, Gauteng province.

Phase 1

Phase 1 will see BESS deployed at 8 web sites, with structures starting from 1.54MW/6.16MWh for the smallest and 80MW/320MWh on the largest, to be commissioned with the aid of using the stop of June 2023.

Phase 2

Phase 2 contains installations at 4 web sites, starting from 17MW/68MWh to 70MW/280MWh, for final touch with the aid of using December 2024.

It is well-documented that preserving lighting fixtures on withinside the us of a has been a undertaking for Eskom and South African authorities. One large step already taken with the aid of using Eskom become the release of so-referred to as Risk Mitigation Power Procurement Programme tenders, thru which it has reduced in size for strength from dispatchable resources, together with herbal fuel line and a huge quantity of sun-plus-garage projects.

Of the full 2GW presented through that soft method, around 430MW/1,300MWh of strength garage paired with renewables become included. Its largest winner, Norwegian renewable strength developer Scatec, lately commenced paintings on a presented 540MW of sun PV and 225MW/1,140MWh of battery garage, Energy-Storage.information mentioned multiple weeks ago.

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Eskom CEO André de Ruyter

Eskom institution leader government André de Ruyter defined strength garage as certainly considered one among the “key tasks to help in addressing the use of a’s strength demanding situations withinside the long-time period,” and becoming the goals of South Africa’s long-time period Integrated Resource Plan.

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