Bayraktar CEO Says Turkish Drones TB2 UAVs Will Only Be Sold To Brotherly Countries Like Pakistan, Ukraine

Turkish drones have received recognition because of their powerful overall performance on special battlefields, maximum lately in Ukraine. Turkeyโ€™s main armed drone producer now believes that fighter drones may be a sizable element in all destiny wars, along with a capability battle in the Taiwan Strait.

In reaction to whether or not armed drones are probably deployed in a battle among China and Taiwan, Haluk Bayraktar, CEO of Baykar Technology, said in an interview with Nikkei Asia: โ€œIt is now out of the question to have a struggle fare without drones.โ€

Bayraktar additionally mentioned that folks that do now no longer use drones successfully could lose. He additionally said that his agency had now no longer spoken to the self-governing island of Taiwan approximately drone sales.


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He did, however, factor out that China is a โ€œinternational drone producerโ€ and that he’s maintaining an eye fixed on information regarding Beijingโ€™s competitive drone use. 

โ€œDrone technology is a must have for all battles now and within destiny. They are sine qua non, and those now no longer the usage of them may be at the dropping side,โ€ Bayraktar said.

In the Ukrainian struggle, Baykarโ€™s TB2 drones have become powerful, permitting Ukraineโ€™s military to halt Russiaโ€™s push in the direction of the capital, Kyiv. Video photos of the drones placing Russian tanks, vehicles, and missile defence structures has been appreciably circulated on social media platforms. 

File Image: Bayraktar Tb2 Drone

Bayraktar additionally argued that the drones are beneficial at sea, mentioning successful operations inside the Black Sea at the same time as talking at the sidelines of Tekno Fest, Turkeyโ€™s biggest aviation, aerospace, and era expo.

โ€œTB2 drones serving the Ukraine Navy destroyed numerous Russian naval belongings going at speedy speed. No different weapon can hit people with such precision strikes,โ€ he said. He contended that, contrary to famous belief, drones are higher at finding goals at sea than on land due to the fact there’s greater contrast. 

Bayraktar defined that that is due to the fact it’s far less complicated for a drone to discover a goal in an surroundings while all this gift is water and the goal.


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Turkish drones are thought to have performed a sizable function withinside the sinking of the Russian Black Sea Fleetโ€™s missile cruiser Moskva in April. Two Ukrainian Neptune missiles struck the Moskva, however professionals mentioned that it had help from โ€œspecial equipment.โ€

While the assaultโ€™s specifics are nonetheless unknown, analysts speculate that a TB2 might also additionally be used to both discover the cruiserโ€™s unique region to permit precision moves in opposition to it or to divert the Moskvaโ€™s defences with the aid of flying above them.

Although Bayraktar declined to confirm, he added, โ€œThatโ€™s what we examine withinside the media.โ€ 

Surpasses The Chinese Drone Exports?

The CEO claimed that Baykar drones are presently the most famous product worldwide, pointing out that the agency has eclipsed Chinaโ€™s average drone exports.

Wing Loong and Rainbow CH fashions of Chinese armed drones were introduced to international locations like Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Turkmenistan, and Ethiopia. 

Chinaโ€™s Caihong-five armed drones are on the international market. Photo: Xinhua

Bayraktar said that a lot of his agencyโ€™s customers had bought navy drones from Beijing; however, โ€œretiredโ€ them as soon as TB2 drones joined the force. He highlighted that regardless of the same prices, their clever munitions provide more potent precision assault powers.

This additionally consists of the ability to hearthplace from more heights, higher self sufficient flight overall performance, along with takeoff and landing, and utilisation inside a community with excessive flexibility.

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Bayraktar disclosed that he had found out from a legit member of a kingdom that had sold Chinese drones that the gadgets became round when they reached the Chinese border. The legit believed that the drone era averted them from getting into Chinese airspace.

If true, those hidden regulations could be โ€œabsolutely unacceptable,โ€ consistent with Bayraktar. 

Company Will Supply Drone To Pakistan Over India

Baykarโ€™s fast upward push has piqued the hobby of navy observers worldwide. It secured its first drone export settlement with Qatar in 2018. 

The agency has additionally signed export contracts with 4 nations for superior Akinci drones, along with Azerbaijan and Pakistan. The agency is now in talks with ten nations for the TB2 and 5 or six for the Akinci, the record said. 

In reaction to being requested if Baykar could reflect on consideration on promoting drones to Pakistanโ€™s adversary India, Bayraktar responded negatively. โ€œAs an agency principle, we’re in opposition to โ€˜struggle dare profiteering,โ€™ or promoting hands to each facet withinside the battle,โ€ he said. 

File Image: A Ukrainian TB2 drone, equiped with precision-guided weapons.

โ€œOur priority is to percentage our skills with brotherly nations that we have got tactical relations [with], friends, allies, NATO members. Countries like Azerbaijan, Pakistan, and Ukraine are our precedence,โ€ he added. 

Pakistan bought a sizable variety of Chinese-made drones earlier than buying TB2 drones. Asia Nikkei quoted one in all Oryxโ€™s writers, battle professional Stijn Mitzer, as saying,  โ€œI don’t have any facts that shows Pakistan is sad with their Chinese armed drones, however one should argue that in the event that they had been happy, there has been no want to shop for every other platform.โ€


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Turkmenistan bought TB2s due to the fact, consistent with Mitzer, it became upset with the armed drones it had bought from China. Ethiopia, which had Iranian-made armed drones, became further sad with them. Ultimately, the handiest the Bayraktar TB2 became selected with the aid of the country.

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