Rex is going electric powered with Sydney Seaplanes and Dovetail Electric Aviation

Australia’s Rex Airlines has partnered with Dovetail Electric Aviation to transform turbine-powered planes to electric powered propulsion.

  Picture rex-nearby-express-saab-340-taking-off, Photo: Rex

Rex Airlines, Australia’s nearby and flagship carrier, introduced its involvement in a challenge to transform turbine-powered planes to electric propulsion.  Rex has fashioned a partnership with Dovetail Electric Aviation (Dovetail), a joint task among Sydney Aviation Holdings, proprietor of Sydney Seaplanes, and Dante Aeronautical (Dante), a organisation pioneering the adoption of smooth aviation solutions.  Australia.

Rex is bringing the plane and its expertise


  Rex makes use of Saab 340s on its nearby routes that can be applicants for an electric powered conversion program.  Photo: Rex

The partnership with Rex operates beneath the Dovetail logo to expand and standardise retrofitting of electrical engines on legacy planes starting from nearby and widespread aviation planes.  Rex will offer the plane to be used as a testbed and offer its engineering and technical expertise, upkeep support, garage centres and worker accommodation.  Deputy Chairman John Sharp stated, “Rex is proud and excited to be at the leading edge of traits in sustainable nearby aviation and to help our country wide efforts in attaining the aim of internet 0 emissions via way of means of 2050.”

Although no particular plane has been referred to in yesterday’s announcement, records from ch-aviation.com indicate that Rex has 9 inactive planes, 4 Saab 340B(Plus), 4 Saab 340B and one Saab 340A.  It nevertheless has 23 340B (plus) and 26 340B active, in conjunction with six Boeing B737-800s that it operates on mainline home offerings.  The records list the Saabs as 26 to 33 years old, making them probably applicants for the testbed role.  Early adopters of electrical battery propulsion have been nearby airways working on brief sectors, in addition to seaplanes and schooling planes, in keeping with Sharp.  They add:

  “Australia, with its excessive use of nearby aviation and the capability to transform a big wide variety of planes, is the suitable incubator for the electrical aviation industry. The extensively decreased working charges of electrical planes will assist sell nearby aviation offerings amongst presently underserved communities. Through scheduled flights.”

Sydney Seaplanes dealing with director Aaron Shaw believes the partnership with Rex and Dante will position Australia firmly at the map as a international chief withinside the conversion, certification and upkeep of electrical planes.  “Our imaginative and prescient is to steer nearby aviation round the sector into an exciting, new sustainable technology earlier than upgrades in electric powered propulsion generation allow us to govern the IP, approvals and centres we deploy on large plane and longer-haul plane.”

  Sydney Seaplanes desires to be the chief in emission-unfastened business electric powered planes.  Photo: Sydney Seaplanes

Cuts conversion certification time in half

Dovetail assembles a complete propulsion device via means of combining an electric motor powered via MagniX, battery packs and hydrogen gas cells.  The whole power doctrine is then established on the prevailing airframe.  Converting a current turbine plane to electric powered propulsion is an awful lot quicker than growing a brand new aeroplane.  Dovetail expects certification in 4 years, which compares to the 8 to 10 years required for a smooth sheet electric powered plane at a fragment of the cost.

Dante Aeronautical founder David Doral stated the addressable marketplace for electric powered conversions is huge.  “In the worldwide small passenger fleet alone, we estimate that there are greater than 11,000 9 to nineteen seat planes which might be presently able to be retrofitted, representing a $15 billion marketplace.”  In September 2021, Dante Aeronautical joined forces with Spanish airways Volotia and Air Nostrum on a challenge to expand a 100% electric powered emission-unfastened plane, seeking to certify the plane inside 3 years.

For nearby airways including Rex and tourism operators including Sydney Seaplanes, electric powered propulsion is well suited with their shorter routes and changing older planes is the fastest path to 0 emissions.  Do you suspect that is the manner to sustainable aviation?

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