Does FISKER face supply chain issues?

Fisker Ocean Supply Chain Issues

It doesnโ€™t appear to be any car producer is proof against deliver chain demanding situations, however perhaps Fisker can bridge the distance with its deliver chain.

The car enterprise has been critically impacted through deliver chain woes all through the COVID-19 pandemic. Semiconductor chip shortages particularly have challenged car giants the maximum. For example, organizations like Ford, GM, and Toyota have currently close down factories reducing returned manufacturing because of chip shortages. Last week, Toyotaโ€™s CEO cited the deliver chain as the most important headwind for his organization.

Tesla isnโ€™t even proof against chip shortages

These days, EV vehicle maker Tesla warned stakeholders approximately deliver chain problems in spite of file profits. However, Tesla stated deliver chain demanding situations continue to be continual and could preserve into 2023. Even EV producer Rivian mentioned their deliver chain problems in advance this week. And then there’s Lucid Motors. This organization has been having a whole lot of problems as of late. Last month, Lucid Motors slashed 2022 EV manufacturing numbers on the stop of February mentioning issues with glass and carpet.

Will Fisker face deliver chain problems?

Fisker has talked up the strength of its deliver chain numerous instances over the last yr. Fisker has partnered with Magna International for extra than its high-velocity take a look at track. Magna has deep know-how and know-how in the region of deliver chain management. Magna handiest makes cash in the event that they bring together vehicles. Expect them to have all of the Fisker Ocean elements essential to construct vehicles on November 17, 2022.

Furthermore, the organization partnered with Foxconn to broaden the Fisker PEAR, which might also additionally show useful for the EV vehicle maker. Foxconn is one in all Appleโ€™s largest deliver chain companions. Thus, Foxconn can be capable of supply for Fisker all through chip scarcity hell plaguing different car manufacturers.

NO Chip scarcity at Fisker! I donโ€™t suppose we are able to be stricken by the Chip issue! We broaden maximum of our software program in-house & our CTO comes from the Chip enterprise = current EE structure the usage of multi area controllers! Launch Q4 subsequent yr! #Fisker #Love #EVs #ESG #Chip #Software pic.twitter.com/SHcPza8A2J

โ€” Henrik Fisker (@henrikfisker) May 6, 2021

Remember we were given a cope with Foxconn & we donโ€™t use โ€œoldโ€ chips pic.twitter.com/Fd3nTYHWDd

โ€” Henrik Fisker (@henrikfisker) October 6, 2021

โ€œAmid worldwide semiconductor and different deliver constraints, we paintings often in collaboration with key companions to discover and mitigate any problems.โ€


The Fisker Ocean can be on time

Fisker has been operating with key providers to shore up any deliver chain problems. The organization has stated it’ll constantly display ability shortages of components. Fisker will make tradeoffs wherein essential. It did now no longer say what tradeoffs it’d make. For instance, those tradeoffs may be swapping out one dealer for every other or doubtlessly putting off a characteristic if elements arenโ€™t ready. Henrik Fisker has stated over and over the Fisker Ocean One can be introduced on time. The least possibly situation might be a postpone in manufacturing.

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Fisker reported about 32,000 Ocean EV reservations.


The organization currently posted their environmental coverage. Fisker desires to create a weather impartial car through 2027. Fisker stated it’s miles placing overall performance requirements for itself and its deliver chain. This environmental coverage can have a primary effect on Fiskerโ€™s deliver chain. However, Henrikโ€™s dedication to human beings and planet is extra of a crawl, walk, run approach. The Fisker Ocean goes to be the worldโ€™s maximum sustainable electric powered car. This electric powered car turns into increasingly more sustainable over time.

Also, beforehand of final yrโ€™s Los Angeles Auto Show, Fisker partnered with battery dealer CATL. CATL is the worldโ€™s biggest battery producer. While battery deliver chain problems have plagued different organizations, it is not likely Fisker can have any hassle here.

  • โ€œAs CATL expands its worldwide footprint to assist create smooth mobility for all, we’re thrilled to attain long time collaboration with Fisker and offer battery generation this is precise to Fiskerโ€™s product rollout. We are excited to aid Fisker to attain its sustainability, overall performance and increase targets.โ€

CATL President, Zhou Jia

Demand for the Fisker Ocean is off the charts

Earlier this month, Fisker introduced 40,000 Fisker Ocean reservations. At this point, the self-imposed intention of 50k reservations is highly-possibly through November 17, 2022 (begin of manufacturing). The organization will start contacting reservation holders in July to organization up and pre-order their Fisker Ocean One. Fisker plans to provide 50,000 or extra motors in 2023. According to Fisker, it’ll start to discover logistics and deliver-chain alternatives to boom deliveries. All symptoms and symptoms are pointing to now no longer having any chip shortages or deliver chain problems.

Getting a deliver chain replace

Fiskerโ€™s Q1 2022 profits name is much less than 3-weeks away. The organization will record profits and keep an profits name on May 4th. At that time, Fisker will offer a deliver chain replace for stakeholders and vehicle mobile fairness analysts. Based on the whole lot we recognize to date, we trust Fisker will correctly navigate its deliver chain. Nevertheless, later this yr is wherein the rubber meets the road. Time will inform while the organization begins offevolved manufacturing of the Fisker Ocean and starts offevolved to scale in 2023.

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