From Prince Mahesh Babu To Ryan Gosling, 16 Movie Celebrities Who Drive Electric Cars.

Movie celebrities usually have more money than most of us and therefore, only the masses can choose the lifestyle they dream of.  While many of them indulge in the essence of luxury, be it their homes, cars or other โ€˜blingโ€™, some are more conscious of their lifestyle decisions.

Such a difference can be seen in the vehicles they own.  Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Porsches can be found in the hands of many, but some celebrities prefer to go green for their ride.  Here’s a list of 16 eco-conscious celebrities who have chosen electric or hybrid cars instead of powerful gas guzzlers to play their part in reducing fossil fuel emissions.

Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu

Celebrities with electric vehicles, Celebrities with electric cars, Celeb

Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu has bought an Audi e-tron worth Rs 1.19 crore. His Telugu film “Sarileru Neekevvaru” is the highest grossing film at the box office, earning โ‚น 2.6 billion by 2020.

South Indian superstar Mahesh Babu has bought the Audi e-tron, This car is India’s first fully electric SUV

Singleframe grille with e-tron platinum grey finish owned by Mahesh Babu

Southern superstar Mahesh Babu, the famous actor himself has bought the Audi e-tron – which in India starts at Rs 1.01 crore and goes up to Rs 1.19 crore.

Audi e-tron official website defines the car as: “With a range of 484 kilometres, our first all-electric SUV is your sporty and safe companion that is ideal for everyday driving in the new era.”

Madhuri Dixit’s husband Shriram Nene.

Celebrities with electric vehicles, Celebrities with electric cars, Celeb

Madhuri Dixit’s husband Sriram Nene has welcomed their first electric vehicle in India.  And, heโ€™s impressed with the car.  Sriram Nene shared a video on Instagram in which we can get a glimpse of the shiny black four wheels.  Here, Sriram Nene is having a conversation with the people who came to deliver the car.  He also wrote a long note on this.  โ€œWe have taken delivery of the first of many EVs here in India.  I am very impressed with the car, the charging infrastructure and the ride.  Talking about technology and overall experience, he said, โ€œThe user experience is great and complete with the latest apps and tracking and comes with a home charger.  And, all for a reasonable price.  More importantly, it has zero emissions, built and designed in India, reduces our dependence on foreign oil and improves the entire equation

Malayalam actress Manju Warrior

India’s first celebrity with Mini Cooper SE electric hatchback

Celebrities with electric vehicles, Celebrities with electric cars, Celeb

We have stated in many instances withinside the beyond that power might be the destiny of mobility.  Many automakers are now beginning to consider electric vehicles.  While some are working on it, many have already started it.  Celebrities have also started picking electric vehicles and recently one of the movie actresses to buy an electric car is Malayalam actress Manju Warrier.  The actress has bought a brand new Mini Cooper SE hatchback.  Not only has she purchased a brand new Mini Cooper SE, she has custom painted it.  This is probably the first Custom Paint Mini Cooper SE in India.

Ritesh Deshmukh

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Twitter / Ritesh Deshmukh)

India’s own actor, producer and architect, who has made film enthusiasts laugh repeatedly through his hilarious theatre, went green with his travel choice for his 40th birthday – his wife, Genelia D’Souza.  Genelia was gifted the Tesla Model X by the actor, who is the second Indian to own an electric car model.

In fact, this may be the boldest step on this list, as all other celebrities live in places with an extensive charging network, and here in India, it is a luxury and scarcity requires more thought.

Jaden Smith

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Instagram / Trey Smith)

The son of famed actor Will Smith, who made his big debut as a Karate Kid in 2010, can be easily seen from this cool photo posing with his ride as an environmental enthusiast and his love of the zero-emission Model X.  If that’s not cool enough for you, know that he once performed on a flying Tesla with its falcon wing doors during his Coachella show.  Good luck topping your car!

Brad Pitt

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Facebook)

A man with a large garage who needs no introduction and boasts.  Interestingly, many of their options are eco-friendly, with the BMW i3 electric and plug-in hybrid i8 already discontinued.  The legendary actor joined the Tesla Model S Club in 2014, which fits perfectly with his love of the environment and his constant efforts to preserve it.

Mark Ruffalo

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Twitter / Mark Ruffalo)

‘Hulk’ is ready to “smash” field workplace statistics with the approaching Avengers: Endgame, however they are large and inexperienced and “Angry!”  If not, he is a great advocate of working on climate change and the proof of this comes from the fact that he owns and rides this emission-free vehicle.

Will Smith

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Tesla)

Like father’s, the son-like image is also true of the pair of wheels here.  While the son is proud of his Model X, the legendary actor responsible for The Pursuit of Happiness, I’m Legend, Bad Boys and countless more films, is a proud member of the Tesla Model S Club.

Morgan Freeman

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Tesla-Mag)

If you think the person who played “God” is not conscious of the environment, think again!  Morgan Freeman is not just a Tesla Model S owner, he is also a “big fan” of Elon Musk and shares in the company – his mark on the company’s green future agenda.

George Clooney

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Forbes)

One of the earliest adopters of modern-day electric cars, the Hollywood Mega Star shares their experiences with electric cars, from the modest tango car to the best money that could be bought at the time.  He was frustrated by being โ€œstuck on the side of the roadโ€ and later sold his roadster.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Motor 1)

Seven-time Mr. Olympia and five-time Mr. Universe winner, Austrian-American actor turned politician, the biggest car enthusiast you will ever see.  His love of automobiles can be judged by his beastly collection that includes multiple Hummers, Bentleys, Bugatti, Excalibur and Tank!

In between, Arnold also opts for electric vehicles.  When the electric supercar took the world by storm, he bought himself a Tesla Roadster.  He once spent a hefty sum to turn his Mercedes G-wagon into an all-electric – the first in the world.  It is also reported that if electric cars are not enough they will also drive a Cadillac Escalade Hybrid.

Fisker Karma

Leonardo DiCaprio

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Fisker Automotive)

DiCaprio is at the top of the list of contributors to environmental protection, with sustained support for environmental issues and campaigns.  So it is not surprising that the UN Messenger of Peace drives an entirely electric car.  In fact, DiCaprio has been identified with many emission-free vehicles, including Toyota Prius, Fisker Karma, Tesla Roadster, and is also the brand ambassador for Chinese automaker BYD’s new-powered vehicles.

George R.R.  Martin

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: GRRM Blog)

You can judge him for ruthlessly killing your favourite character in the Game of Thrones series, but you can’t point the finger at him for polluting the environment.  The purple-colored Tesla Model S, one of the few GoT authors, is one of the few technologically advanced products that Tesla Motors Club attends and proudly displays!

Bradley Cooper

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Celebrity Car Blog)

The American actor and filmmaker has touched millions of people and was named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ in 2011 by People’s Magazine.  But in terms of the selection of vehicles, Cooper is large on two-wheelers.  Exotic motors motorcycle collection.  And when he decides not to ride his bike, the actor can be seen driving his Toyota Prius, which has been a hybrid in production since 1997.

Jessica Alba

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Pinterest)

After gaining all the fame through her unrivalled acting skills, Alba turned her attention to a healthy lifestyle, starting her own company in the process.  With the actress opting for a hybrid instead of a gasoline car for her travels, there is no need to say that this has affected her choice of vehicle.

Other hybrids

Ryan Gosling

Celebrities with Electric Cars, Celebrities with Electric Vehicles,   (Image: Zimbio)

Gosling, who is responsible for mega-hits like La La Land, The Notebook and First Man, has a car like the Cooper’s and has been spotted several times in his Prius hybrid.  Eco-friendly seems to be a crucial part of heartthrob.

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