London extends e-scooter trials into 2024 – and invitations bids from operators

London’s condominium electric powered scooter trials till as a minimum the give up of May 2024 โ€“ however Transport for London will release a brand new soft procedure for corporations to run the machines.

Rental e-scooters trials started out in the nationโ€™s capital in June 2021, as a part of wider authorities-sponsored trial schemes to assist compare capacity guidelines to legalise the machines. Three companies โ€“ Dott, Lime and Tier โ€“ presently have tenders to run e-scooters in the nationโ€™s capital.

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The London e-scooter trials are the biggest in the UK, with ten boroughs taking part. In overall there are 4425 e-scooters to be had to lease in London with extra than 500 unique locations โ€“ and million trips were made to date. 

The trials in England were because of the result in November this year, however the authorities have allowed councils to increase them till as a minimum May 31 2024. Several councils have already prolonged their schemes till that date, and London is the present day to observe suit.

While maximum different areas have prolonged their agreements with the operator already jogging of their region, Transport for London (TfL) and London Councils say they may run โ€œa aggressive procurement procedureโ€ for operators to run โ€œthe subsequent segmentโ€ of the trial โ€“ which means Dott, Lime and Tier ought to face competition from rival companies which include Superpedestrian, Voi and others.

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The contracts with the 3 present companies may be quickly prolonged till September 2023 for whilst the bidding procedure is conducted. Notably, TfL says that the contracts it’s going to provide ought to run past May 31 2024, challenging new rules that absolutely legalises e-scooter utilisation in the UK.

TfL said that operators “may be selected on their cap potential to fulfil strict protection necessities and excessive working requirements’ ‘. It stated there may be โ€œenhancedโ€ protection requirements primarily based totally on mastering from trials in the UK and some place else so far, comments from clients and different stakeholders, and upgrades in generation.

London’s delivery frame has hinted that it would encompass more recent e-scooters, which include machines that make caution sounds to adjust pedestrians to their presence โ€“ generation being laboured on through the 3 London condominium operators.

In addition, TfL says that automobiles used in the trial can have to โ€œexceedโ€ the modern-day Department for Transport (DfT) guidelines, with a purpose to make them โ€œconsiderablyโ€ extra stronger than the maximum not unusual place for nonpublic e-scooters. At present, it is unlawful to use a privately owned e-scooter on public roads in the UK.

Operators will even stay required to offer records to TfL and take part in boroughs to recognize the effect of e-scooters on Londonโ€™s delivery goals โ€“ which include its goal to do away with deaths and severe accidents from its road.

Will Norman, Londonโ€™s taking walks and cycling commissioner, stated: โ€œโ€œThe e-scooter trial has demonstrated to be popular, with extra than million journeys already taken, and this subsequent segment of the trial will construct upon this, replicating the excessive protection necessities and excessive working requirements, and persevering with to research via trying out more recent generation to make sure that those automobiles paintings for everybody.

โ€œWith the proper guidelines that prioritise protection, condominium e-scooters can assist make sure a green, sustainable destiny for Londonโ€.

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