Razor ePrime III Scooter review

A proper reasonably-priced electric powered scooter, however most effective if you could get it for much less than $400

   Razor ePrime III parked on sidewalk (Image: ยฉ Tom’s Guide)

The Razor ePrime III is a high-quality price range scooter for smaller and lighter riders. However, donโ€™t get it unless the charge is much less than $400. Otherwise, the GoTrax GXL V2 is the higher alternative if youโ€™re in the price range.


Max velocity: 18 mph

Max distance: 15 mph

Max weight: 220 kilos

Weight: 24.2 kilos

Motor: 250 W

Wheels: eight-inch pneumatic

Battery: 36V lithium ion

Size: 40.9 x 40.8 x 18.3 inches (unfolded)

Given how the enterprise actually commenced the scooter craze, itโ€™s sudden that you donโ€™t see greater electric powered scooters just like the Razor ePrime III on the streets. Itโ€™s a handsome experience thatโ€™s quite mild, folds up easily, and has a tail light โ€” something hardly ever observed on an electric powered scooter at this charge. 

However, some of the nice reasonably-priced electric powered scooters, the ePrime III lacks a show, so that you donโ€™t recognise how rapid youโ€™re going. Then again, it doesnโ€™t move rapidly enough to definitely warrant a speedometer. The actual query of whether or not you need to get this scooter comes right all the way down to its charge, which Iโ€™ll give an explanation for in addition in our Razor ePrime III review.

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Razor ePrime III review: Cost and accessibility 

The ePrime III became at the start to be had at Razor.com for $499, however can now be observed at different online shops together with Amazon and Walmart for as low as $389. 

Razor ePrime III review: Design

The ePrime III has some exceptional layout prospers that assist set it aside from different sub-$500 electric powered scooters. For starters, it no longer has only a headlight, however additionally a tail light that lights up while the brake is activated.

  Razor ePrime III rear wheel (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The headlight is a protracted slender LED that makes the top of the scooter appear greater like a few kinds of droid, and is honestly exceptional from what youโ€™ll locate on maximum different electric powered scooters. But, it gets the process done.

  Razor ePrime III headlight (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

I additionally like that the ePrime III has a chain of five LEDs at the bottom of the scooter to reveal the free degree of the battery. However, the scooter lacks a show of any kind, so that you by no means recognise how rapid youโ€™re going.

   Razor ePrime III battery show, (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

The ePrime IIIโ€™s deck is a chunk compact for large riders – 16.5 inches lengthy and five.five inches wide โ€” however has a few exceptionally chamfered edges which, at the side of the two-toned finish, offers this scooter a pointy appearance.

Razor ePrime III review: Performance and variety

Similar to different sub-$500 electric powered scooters, the ePrime III has a 250W motor thatโ€™s correct for more youthful and lighter riders, however might also additionally be underpowered to older and large riders. It simply struggled a chunk below my weight (Iโ€™m approximately 6 toes tall and one hundred ninety kilos), particularly going up hills. However, its eight-inch air-crammed front tire did a quite correct process of smoothing out bumps in the road. 

  Razor ePrime III parked on sidewalk (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

With a max marketed velocity of 18 miles in keeping with hour and a max variety of 15 MPH, the ePrime III is akin to price range scooters just like the GoTrax GXL V2, the Swagtron Swagger five Elite, and the marginally greater effective TurboAnt M10.

The Razorโ€™s folding and locking mechanism became short and clean to use – you could snap it open and closed in a flash – and the scooterโ€™s weight of 24.2 kilos is quite clean to hold around, too. 

  Razor ePrime III parked on sidewalk (Image credit: Tom’s Guide)

It additionally has a small cutout closer to the front wheel in which you could connect a bike lock; you donโ€™t frequently locate this selection on an electric powered scooter, and itโ€™s a welcome one.

Pros and Cons


+Brake-activated taillight

+Bike lock safety slot

+Good folding layout


-Underpowered for large riders

-No show

Razor ePrime III review: Interpretation 

Overall, more youthful and smaller riders will revel in the Razor ePrime III for its correct styling and successful experience. Razor advertises the scooter for the ones 18 and up, however I can see getting this for an excessive faculty scholar who desires to zip from side to side to class.

However, given its overall performance isnโ€™t all that exceptional from much less costly scooters, itโ€™s now no longer really well worth shopping for except you could get it for much less than $400. Otherwise, your cash is spent elsewhere. Among the nice reasonably-priced electric powered scooters, the GoTrax GXL V2 is approximately $50 much less and has a show, even though it lacks a tail light and has a decreased velocity and distance. Given that the taillight is a superb protection alternative, it can be really well worth spending the extra money for that feature.

Our rating 4/5

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