Ford F-150 Lightning powers the primary-ever EV recharged electric powered aircraft!

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Remy Oktay, a scholar at Lafayette College, is making plans for the primary electric powered aircraft flyover at a carrying occasion on the Lafayette-Lehigh soccer field on November 19, 2022. The electric powered aircraft is primarily based totally in Hartford, Connecticut, and wishes to get to Easton, Pennsylvania. However, the problem is the EV aircraft will want to be recharged in 3 instances, and there’s no charging infrastructure, so Ford F-150 Lightning proprietors are stepping in to assist the flight.

According to Remy Oktay, the electrical aircraft (a Pipistrel Alpha Electro) comes with a 21 kWh battery pack. As in keeping with Federal Aviation Regulations, it ought to land with a 30-minute reserve, which offers approximately an hour of usable flight time.

Knowing the airports he could be touchdown at do now no longer have the essential charging infrastructure, Remy concept speedy and realised he ought to use the energy of the Ford F-a hundred and fifty Lightning geared up with Pro Power Onboard and flip the electrical vehicles right into a transportable generator.

Fordโ€™s F-150 Lightning comes with as much as 9.6 kW energy, which has been established to energy a film set, offer emergency response, and more, however powering an electric powered aircraft flight โ€“ thatโ€™s any other first.

Remy commonly makes use of his Nissan Leaf to energy the battery to 80% however says he’s going to use the Ford Lightning to fee it absolutely as a โ€œprotection provision,โ€ the use of the whole 7.2 kW output in the bed.

The general journey mileage is around 250 miles or so, so the Ford F-a hundred and fifty Lightning Extended Range version could handiest want to recharge once, if that. Instead, the group collected electric powered vehicles, one from a nearby Ford Lightning owner, and another from Monaco Ford stepped in to assist.

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Ford F-a hundred and fifty Lightning recharging electric powered aircraft Source: Remy Oktay

Ford F-a hundred and fifty Lightning utilised in first EV recharged electric powered aircraft journey

In a later update, Remy stated:

We have efficiently charged the electrical aeroplane on separate Lightnings.

Adding after โ€œtrying out the charging technique several instances on separate cars, we’re assured in the reliability of this charging technique.โ€

Remy is now placing a group with non-public Lightning EV proprietors to assist with the primary electric powered aircraft flyover on the Lafayette-Lehigh soccer sport on November 19 at the same time as documenting the occasion. His publish states:

We will want Lightnings for recharging the aircraft, every preventing any of the 4 airports, due to the fact the aircraft will fly quicker than a truck can drive. The wish is for every recharging truck to have a support/filming truck on the way to convey the movie group and permit human beings to move and get food at the same time as the charging truck is recharging the aircraft. In general, we’re searching out four Lightning proprietors to assist.

The journey to CT is intended to take place on Saturday, November 12, at the same time as the domestic journey is scheduled for Tuesday, November 22. Stay tuned for updates!


The energy of electrical cars is on show in its greatest form. An electric powered Ford F-150 Lighting recharging an electric powered aircraft and lengthening its flight? It doesnโ€™t get any better.

Well, of course, till you upload sports activities into the mix. Keep a lookout for insurance on the primary electric powered aircraft flyover at a carrying occasion on November 19, and top success to Remy.

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