Electric Bike Cyborg Bob E Electric Bike for Young People, 110KM Mileage!

Ignitron Motocorp reveal 2nd Sports Electric Bike Cyborg bob e with 110 KM mileage range ckm

Cyborg Brand Name ft Second Electric Bike

 Cyborg Bomb Bike Unveiling by Ignitron Motocorp

 Cyborg e Bob Bike built for young people

 New Delhi: The electric scooter and bike market in India is expanding.  Every day now a new bike is being unveiled.  Another line is now added to this line.  Ignitron Motocorp has exactly unveiled its second electric bike.  First Cyborg brand name ft cruiser bike was launched.  Now cyborg bomb e bike unveiled targeting young people.

 The Cyborg e Bob Bike is a Dirt inspired bike.  The bike will be sporty looking and sporty performance.  The bottom has a handlebar, LED sleek headlamps and a DRL, LED indicator and single piece seat.  The Cyborg Bob E bike is available in two colours in the early stages.  Unveiled in Red and Black colours.

 The bike comes with the most advanced features including IP65 LED display, Jio locket, Jio fencing, USB charging, Bluetooth connectivity, Remote Kills ignition.  In addition there is a reverse mode option available.  There is as well a cruise manage option.

 The Cyborg E Bob Electric Bike has a 2.88 KwH lithium-ion battery.  The BLDC hub motor is used on the bike.  Cyborg e Bob bike maximum speed is 85 km / h.  It will give you a mileage of 110 kms for full charge.  Swap battery is used on Cyborg bikes.  This means that when the battery is finished there is an opportunity to replace the charged battery in cyborg stations.  It will charge 80 per cent in 3 hours.  The battery will take about 4 to 5 hours to fully charge.  There is also a 15AMP charger available with the bike.

 Cyborg Bob E Sports Bike Warranty 5 years, Battery Warranty 5 and Electric Motor Warranty 3 years.  Cyborg network is launching all over India.  Cyborg is launching battery swap stations.  Customers who buy a Cyborg bike are being warned not to run into any problem.  In addition, a charging station installation is also in progress

 Cyborg Bob E is the second bike to be unveiled by Cyborg brand name ft Ignitron Motocorp.  The Cyborg Warrior Cruiser Electric Bike was unveiled in December 2021.  The Yodha bike has a mileage range of 150 km / h and 90 km / hr.  3.24KwH battery pack used.  It has three ride modes: Eco, Normal and Sport.

 The Yodha Cruiser Electric Bike will take 3 hours to charge 80 percent.  It will take 4 to 5 hours for a full charge.  The bike has many features including disc brakes, LED headlamps, indicator, digital display.

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