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Secure Your Ride at Lower Rates: Alert for Citroën Price Hike

French Automaker Citroën Implements Price Escalation

French automaker Citroën has recently made an important decision to increase the prices of its vehicles, joining the league of other car manufacturers. This price surge, ranging from 2.5% to 3% depending on the car model, will be implemented starting from the first day of January. Interestingly, this hike is applicable to all Citroën models sold in India, without any exceptions.

Uniform Price Surge for All Citroën Models in India

Among the models that will be immediately affected by this price increase are the Citroën C3, the eco-friendly eC3 electric variant, the robust C3 Aircross, and the luxurious C5 Aircross. Until the end of the current year, these models will still be sold at their existing prices, providing potential buyers the perfect window of opportunity.

Opportune Time to Purchase: Current Prices Remain till Year End

The Citroën C3, renowned for its 1.2-litre naturally aspirated engine producing 80bhp, offers a turbocharged version that elevates its performance capabilities to 109bhp. On the other hand, those seeking strength and powerful performance might find themselves favoring the Citroën C5 Aircross, equipped with a 2.0-litre diesel engine generating 174bhp and an impressive torque of 400 Nm. Additionally, the introduction of the eC3 showcases Citroën’s dedication to sustainable innovation, with a range of 320 km on a single charge.

Beneath the surface, the true essence of these vehicles is revealed. The Citroën range offers engines that cater to diverse preferences, ensuring efficiency and responsiveness for city driving, as well as the capability to meet the demands of long-distance travelers.

Car enthusiasts are no strangers to the fluctuations in prices within the automobile industry. With market leader Maruti Suzuki and other manufacturers already signaling price increases, Citroën’s latest announcement confirms that this trend is widespread, showcasing the industry’s response to various economic pressures.

While the prospect of price hikes may not be well-received by consumers, it is the reality as we step into the new year. However, there still exists an opportunity for savvy buyers to seize the moment before the hike takes effect, allowing them to secure their preferred Citroën model at the current prices.

As always, staying well-informed and making decisive moves can lead to substantial savings and the gratification of driving away in a brand-new car that fulfills both your needs and desires. 

Furthermore, the upcoming price increase signifies Citroën’s commitment to providing high-quality vehicles, manufactured by the esteemed French automaker.

Act Now to Secure Your Preferred Citroën at Today’s Prices

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