Ladakh’s Electric Buses Mark a Green Milestone with 10 Lakh Km Journey!

In the heart of Ladakh, a sustainable travel revolution is taking shape as electric buses, championing environmental sustainability, celebrate surpassing 10 lakh kilometres on the road. Over the past year, these eco-friendly vehicles have not only significantly reduced carbon emissions but have also become a vital part of the region’s public transport network.

Driving Environmental Change

Ladakh’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and enhancing public transport is evident in its fleet of 19 state-of-the-art electric buses. These buses, manufactured by PMI Electro Mobility Solutions, have played a crucial role in Ladakh, an environmentally sensitive zone with limited conventional transport options. The buses have collectively prevented more than 25 lakh kilos of carbon emissions over the past 12 months.

Revolutionising Transportation in Ladakh

Operating in Ladakh’s challenging terrain, the PMI Foton electric buses, managed by the local transport department, serve as a lifeline for residents and tourists travelling between Leh and Kargil. Engineered to withstand extreme cold, these buses have clocked an impressive 10.50 lakh kilometres. With a range of 180 km on a single charge and rapid charging capabilities, they exemplify efficiency and resilience. PMI Electro Mobility Solutions, with a fleet of over 1,200 buses in 27 cities across India, is leading the country’s transition to eco-friendly mass transit.

CEO Aanchal Jain’s Pride in Sustainability

PMI’s CEO, Aanchal Jain, takes pride in the company’s role in supporting Ladakh’s sustainable journey. She emphasises the alignment with India’s “Net Zero” ambitions and the importance of preserving Ladakh’s natural beauty.

Technological Excellence for Passenger Comfort and Safety

Ensuring a comfortable and secure travel experience, Ladakh’s PMI electric buses boast advanced features such as climate control systems, 360-degree cameras, Advanced Driver Assistant System (ADAS), AI-based monitoring, and enhanced rear-view cameras. Intelligent Transportation Management Systems provide real-time navigation through Google Maps, automated passenger counting, and other innovative functions.

Powerful Battery Systems and Operational Efficiency

Equipped with a 204 KwH Advanced Lithium-ion battery pack, these buses have smart systems that track schedules, monitor remaining charges, and manage routes efficiently. Each bus, valued at over โ‚น1.20 crore, can accommodate 30 passengers. Notably, the PMI Foton electric buses have gained recognition beyond Ladakh, serving at major airports and public transportation networks in cities like Delhi, Surat, Shimla, and Dharamshala.

India’s Clean Technology Triumph

The successful application of electric buses in Ladakh reflects India’s commitment to clean technology in public transportation. This achievement showcases a scalable model of sustainable development that aligns with the delicate ecological balance of the Himalayan region.

Promising Future for Electric Mobility in India

The progress in Ladakh is a promising sign for the future of electric mobility in India. It underscores the country’s potential to lead the way in combating climate change and achieving its “Net Zero” goals through innovative and sustainable transportation solutions.

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