Atomik Carbon release US-Made FusionFiber Wheelsets for MTB and Gravel

Atomik Carbon has brought a line of US-made hand-constructed carbon wheelsets for mountain cycling and gravel using new FusionFiber rims stated to provide advanced vibration damping over conventional carbon fibre rims, whilst additionally being completely recyclable.  The Atomik FM30 for the mountain has 30mm inner rim width, while the gravel FG23 gets 23mm inner rim width;  Each is presented in different complete cycles however rims also can be bought on my own, with pricing beginning at $650 USD for the rim only.

Atomik fm30 fusion fibre carbon rim path all-mountain cycling mtb

How to build FusionFiber

Atomikโ€™s use of the FusionFiber era is the large information right here. It is a quite new manner of producing carbon fibre additives that is executed through CSS Composites in Southern Utah. It refers to a complicated thermal technique in which long-chain polymers are utilised in location of epoxies and resins to droop the fibres. Atomik tells us this permits the fibres to flex to a microscopic degree and radially burn up influences in a manner different carbon wheels cannot, presenting 50% better vibration damping and as much as 300% greater effect resistance.

Atomik are in no way the primary to latch onto the era; Revel Bikesโ€™ RW30 wheelsets use FusionFiber carbon (so do their tire levers), as do Evil Bikesโ€™ Loopholes. Whatโ€™s exciting right here is that Atomikโ€™s whole FusionFiber wheelsets are available in a pretty chunk less expensive than whatโ€™s already accessible at the market. Hereโ€™s greater.

Atomik FM30 FusionFiber MTB Wheels

atomik fm30 carbon fusion fibre mtb wheelset berd spokes)

Atomik say they construct to a unique tolerance of .05 millimetres of lateral run-out

Atomik Carbonโ€™s new services for path and all-mountain using come withinside the shape of the FM30 FusionFiber rim and wheel sets. While the brandโ€™s wheel nomenclature has formerly stated the rimโ€™s outside width, it now refers back to the rimโ€™s inner width. So, this one has an inner width of 30mm, with a ~36mm outside width. 


All Atomik rims and wheels deliver pre-taped with valve stems and are tubeless ready, additionally subsidised through Atomikโ€™s confined lifetime warranty.

Atomik FM30 FusionFiber   wheel / prices 

The intensity differs between the 27.5 “wheel and the 29” wheel;  27mm deeper than the former and 23mm deeper than the latter. The rim mattress sees a downward slope out towards the rim wall, an intentional function designed to fasten the tire bead in position, assisting it live there even if the tire loses pressure. Both diameters are to be had in 28-hollow and 32-hollow alternatives.

ATOMIK Carbon Alloy Fibre MTB Wheel Front I9 Hub

The FM30 rim may be bought on my own at $650 USD. Meanwhile, 3 pricing alternatives are to be had for whole wheelsets, beginning at $1,798.ninety nine with an Industry nine 1/1 hubset. That compares to Revelโ€™s RW30 FusionFiber mountain bike wheels with the equal hubset which retail at the marginally better fee of $1975 USD. #U# Surprisingly, the weight of the rim is very similar;  The Atomik’s FM30 weighs a claimed 475g (+/- 15g) at 29,, while the equivalent RW30 rim weighs 480g. Atomik Carbon is to offer us data on whole wheelset weights.

The subsequent tier up is the Signature FM30 wheelset; that one retails at $1,998.ninety nine, with the FusionFiber rims laced to Industry Nineโ€™s Hydra hubset with a 0.52ยฐ engagement angle (690 POE).

Atomic fusion fibre carbon wheelsets mtb gravel fm30 fg23

Top of the road is the Atomic BARD Ultimate FM30 wheelset with the i9 Hydra Hub, laced up with BERD spokes; that is possibly the lightest alternative, the usage of what are regularly stated as โ€œthe worldโ€™s lightest spokes”, crafted from a braided polymer that effects in a top notch mild spoke with excessive power and superb vibration damping. Every element of that wheelset is made withinside the US apart from the spoke nipples. 

In its conventional carbon lineup (non-FusionFiber), Atomik is changing the AM35 (28mm ID) with the all-new AM32 (32mm ID), an asymmetrical rim designed for all-mountain and enduro bikes to be had in each 27.5โ€ณ and 29โ€ณ configurations.

Atomik FG23 FusionFiber Gravel Wheels

atomik fg23 gravel wheelset fusion fibre

We requested Atomik Carbon what the most weight restriction for his or her new FusionFiber wheelsets is; we can replace you right here after they get lower back to us.

The FG23 FusionFiber rim used in gravel, as you might guess, has a 23mm inner width and a 29.5mm outer. It has an intensity of 24mm. Available in 700c only, the FG23 has 28 holes and weighs a claimed 400g.

A rim on my own will set you lower back $650 USD. Complete wheelset pricing began off at $1,848.ninety nine with Industry nine 1/1 hubs. Dig deeper into your wallet for the i9 Torch Road hubs alternative which retails at $1,998.ninety nine USD, or component with $2,498.ninety nine USD for the pinnacle of the variety Atomik BERD Ultimate FG23 wheelset with i9 Torch Road hubs.

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