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“Revolutionising Commutes: Unveiling the PMV Electric EaS-E – Your Budget-Friendly Travel Companion with 200 KM Range!

As we step into the New Year, the automotive landscape is buzzing with exciting launches, but none as groundbreaking as the PMV Electric EaS-E. Move over traditional four-wheelers; this electric marvel is designed for the savvy middle-class, bridging the gap between affordability and futuristic travel.

Imagine a four-wheeler that’s not only easy on the wallet but also a powerhouse on the road. The PMV Electric EaS-E is a game-changer, sporting a 10-kilowatt Lithium-Ion battery pack that unleashes a maximum power of 13.41 bhp, coupled with a peak torque of 50 Newton metres. Say goodbye to hefty fuel bills and hello to efficient, eco-friendly commuting!

Let’s dive into the features and range that make the PMV Electric EaS-E a standout choice in the electric vehicle market. Picture this – an air-conditioned haven, a USB charging port to keep you connected, and modern conveniences like remote park assist and keyless entry. Safety takes centre stage with seat belts ensuring a secure journey for you and your loved ones.

Now, let’s talk range – a jaw-dropping 200 kilometres on a single charge! That’s more than enough to cover your daily commute, weekend getaways, and spontaneous road trips without breaking a sweat. No more range anxiety – just pure, uninterrupted driving pleasure.

What about the price, you ask? Brace yourself for the news – the PMV Electric EaS-E comes with an ex-showroom price tag of just Rs 1 lakh. Yes, you read that right! With a mere down payment of Rs 50,000, this futuristic four-wheeler can be parked in your driveway. And the best part? Easy monthly instalments make ownership a breeze.

But that’s not all – as automotive giants roll out their fleet for the New Year, Dawn is not to be left behind. Electric vehicles are stealing the spotlight, and PMV Electric EaS-E leads the pack with its unbeatable combination of affordability and cutting-edge features.

Don’t miss out on this automotive revolution! Join the league of smart commuters embracing the future with the PMV Electric EaS-E. Say goodbye to fuel woes, embrace eco-friendly driving, and enjoy the perks of modern technology on every journey.

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