“Revolutionising Racing: TVS Apache RTE Unveiled at MotoSoul 2023”

TVS has officially unveiled the TVS Apache RTE at the MotoSoul 2023 event, marking a significant milestone as the first all-electric motorcycle from the Hosur-based manufacturer. This groundbreaking electric racer is destined for the company’s upcoming electric one-make championship, creating a buzz among enthusiasts.

The heart of the TVS Apache RTE lies in its liquid-cooled axial flux motor, boasting a peak power of 59kW or 79.12bhp. Impressively, it can complete five laps at the Madras International Circuit on a single charge, showcasing its endurance on the track.

According to TVS, the Apache RTE outperforms its internal combustion counterparts, clocking the Madras International Circuit 3.1 seconds faster and reaching speeds exceeding 200 km/h on the same track. Notably, its acceleration is a second quicker in the 0-100km/h sprint compared to traditional ICE motorcycles, and it covers a quarter-mile 1.8 seconds faster.

The TVS Apache RTE’s structure combines an aluminium frame with a carbon fibre battery case, housing two symmetric battery packs arranged in series for swift swapping. The electric motor serves as a stressed member, enhancing the overall rigidity of the bike.

In terms of suspension, the Apache RTE features Ohlins FGRT 43 front suspension and an Ohlins TTX 36 monoshock at the rear. Brembo provides the braking system, with a 320mm unit at the front and a 240mm disc at the rear, ensuring precise control.

Riding on 17-inch wheels with Pirelli SuperCross SCI tires (110/70 front, 140/70 rear), the TVS Apache RTE boasts an aerodynamic full-faired design. The bike’s dashboard is equipped with a Plex SDM-550 data logger, offering a 5-inch display with lap times, GPS speed, lean angle, RPM, and smart alarms. The system, featuring a 25Hz concurrent GNSS module and a 100Hz IMU, adds a technological edge to the rider’s experience.

In conclusion, the TVS Apache RTE not only signifies the brand’s entry into the electric motorcycle domain but also promises an exhilarating future with the anticipation of electric TVS bikes hitting the roads soon.

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