Probably Didn’t Know About Majat Electric Cruiser Bike 350 Km Mileage Range In Asian Subcontinent.

Electric Bike Record the first electric cruiser bike in India, mileage of 350km!

 Majat Electric Cruiser Bike 350 km Mileage Range

 Cruiser electric bike that delivers maximum mileage

 The all-electric bike and scooter overtaking Mejat in India

 NEW DELHI: A new electric vehicle is being launched in India.  New invention, use of technology is driving the country in a new direction.  The cruiser-electric bike of Delhi’s Mazout Electric startup has now set a new record.  The reason for this is that the bike has a one-time charge of 350kmpl.  This is the highest mileage range.

 The Ola, Bounce and Simple One scooter in the country has already established a mileage range of 200.  But Mejat Electric has gone a step further.  The mileage is 350 km.  Any electric bike and scooter currently available in India does not offer this maximum mileage.  But this feat was made by the Mazout Cruiser Bike.

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 Students have developed and implemented the Mezat Cruiser Electric Bike.  A group of students from the Technical University of Delhi accomplished this.  Akhil is the founder of Mejat Electric Company.  The discovery of engineering students has now set a new record in India.

 The bike has many features, including the most attractive design and comfortable riding.  The bike has a 25kWh battery pack.  The mileage is attributed to the technology used, not just the power battery.  Electric motors can be run with very little power.  This is getting more mileage.

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 The Mazat Electric Cruiser bike will take about 6 hours to complete.  50 per cent charge in 3 hours.  The one-and-a-half hour charge will give you 70 to 75 kilometers of mileage.  Speed โ€‹โ€‹is ahead of other electric bikes.  The maximum speed of this bike is 120 km / h.

 Mazat Electric Scooter Price:

 The Mazat Electric Scooter is the best cruiser bike with many technologies.  The bike is popular for its mileage and design.  The new cruiser bike will be launched soon.  The price of this bike is estimated at Rs 3 to 3.5 lakh.

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 In January 2012, Mazat Electric Cruiser Bike Works began.  But due to the lockdown, Corona delayed many tasks, including a bike test ride.  Now again, agile work has begun.

 Electric Vehicles in India:

 Most electric vehicles are being launched in India.  Especially the number of scooters is increasing day by day.  Over 20 electric scooters are available in India including Ola, Bounce, Simple One, Bajat Chetak, TVS iQube Okinawa, Ether and Amp.  There are many electric bikes available today, including Revolt, Ultraviolet.

ย Tata Nexon, Tata Tigor Electric Car, Hyundai Kona, MG Motors ZS Electric Cars are available in India.

Sources :Asianet News / cartoq images

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