Tesla launches microphone for in-car karaoke system in China.

TeslaMic, Microphone ‘TeslaMic’ Tesla has launched for its in-car karaoke system, currently only available in China.

  The Tesla microphone comes in two sets and has the Tesla logo on it.  (Electrek via Tesla)

  Electrek reports that EV giant Tesla has released a ‘Teslamic’ microphone designed for its in-car karaoke system as part of its ‘Chinese New Year’ software update in the country.  The product is currently barely available in China.  Apart from the product, Tesla is also launching a software upgrade package for the event.

  Tesla karaoke is Tesla’s karaoke version.  Karaoke allows you to play and sing some popular karaoke songs right in your car.  The karaoke displays the song lyrics directly on the screen without interfering with any critical information needed to drive the driver safely.  Songs can be played with or without vocals.  However, it does not have the ability to use a microphone or record what you sing.

  Tap the music icon at the bottom of the screen to access karaoke.  If you only see a thin music player with album art, artist information and controls, you need to expand your music player by pulling it up to reveal other music sources, such as radio and karaoke.

  The microphone works with the karaoke system, Leishi KTV, which is included as part of the software update.  The microphone was launched at the company’s Chinese merchandise store for 1,199 Chinese yuan (about 189 US dollars).  The microphone comes in two sets and has a Tesla logo on it.

  In 2019, Tesla has released the in-car ‘karaoke’ feature for its vehicles as part of its V10 software update.  The system is designed to play a limited set of songs with lyrics in the center display.  For the latest 2022 software update in China, the company is rolling out a more complete karaoke system using Leishi KTV’s interface and catalog and running on an in-car computer.

  According to the company’s description of TeslaMic, it automatically integrates with the system and comes with some sound methods to help singers.  The device can also be used outside of Tesla vehicles, as demonstrated by the automaker as part of its 2022.2.1 software update released on its official Weibo account.

  Although Teslamic is currently only available in China, the automaker has expanded its US trademark to audio products, the report said.  This means that Tesla is working to launch Teslamic in other markets.  Karaoke is a very popular hobby in many Asian countries and has become quite popular especially in China over the last decade

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