HyperFighter Electric Bike Unveils 273 KM Speed, 235 km Mileage, Most Attractive Bike!

HyperFighter is the most attractive bike that can outdo the sports bike

Canadian HyperFighter Colossus electric sports bike, The top speed of this bike mileage range is 273 km/h, top speed 235 kms charged at one time.  The most powerful electric bike

 Canada (J07): Inventions in electric vehicles are being carried out every day.  Thus many sophisticated features including high mileage and maximum speed are now available.  Now an electric bike has been unveiled that surpasses the sports bike.  Its name is the HyperFighter Colossus sports bike.  Its top speed is 273 kilometres per hour.  Once charged it will deliver 235 km / h.  The bike was unveiled by Damon Motors, a startup company in Canada.

ย The HyperFighter Electric Bike is not just noted for mileage and top speed.ย  The most attractive bike design is now noted by everyone.ย  The brand new electric bike currently boasts the highest speed and maximum mileage in the world.ย  A 20 kWh battery is used on the HyperFighter electric bike.ย  With 200hp of power, the bike can reach 100 km / h in just 3 seconds.

Electric Bike Unveils 273 KM Speed, 235 km Mileage, The Most Attractive Bike To The Market!

ย The bike has many sophisticated features.ย  Has a risk warning system including radar, sensor, 360 degree risk.ย  This bike is making a huge noise in Canada right now.ย  Damore Motors is gearing up to launch this bike soon in the world.

 Built with a new bike keeping in mind the race.  This bike is great for general use.  Being an electric bike, its handling is easy.  Battery is charged by easy charging.  Battery Battery The company has not disclosed how long it will take to fully recharge the battery.  But the company said that in 20 minutes, 60 percent of the battery would be charged.

 HyperFighter Electric Bike Price:

 People are now over buying an electric bike with maximum mileage, maximum speed.  New bike bookings have also begun in the US.  Its price is 35,000 USD.  2,59,9240 (Ex-showroom) in Indian Rupees.

 Safety Features:

 Damon Motors says the HyperFighter electric bike is the safest bike.  Has the most advanced braking system, Risk Alarm.  Also, it will refer to other warnings, including a bump in the road through the navigation.

 Bike HyperFighter at affordable prices soon

 The HyperFighter bike released by Damon Motors has a mileage of 235 kilometres.  Its price is expensive.  It is therefore geared to release an affordable-priced electric bike.  The bike is set to release 150 to 170 km mileage.  The bike is worth Rs 1 to 1.5 lakh and can be used by the masses, Damon Motors said.

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