This Year Will Be The Year of Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle, Ready For Delivery.

The futuristic looking electric bike concept is no stranger to the current scenario, there are many that come and go, but an EV bike that has come back after almost touching its grave is an arc vector.  United Kingdom-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, Arc Vehicle’s flagship luxury electric bike vector is almost dead, but recently the company announced that things are looking good and the hyper-naked electric bike is ready for delivery.

The History of Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle Ready For Delivery.

  If you don’t know all about this beauty and the British brand, here’s a refresher.  The Arc Vector was revealed at the end of 2018 as an ultra-premium electric motorcycle and introduced to the world with a whopping price tag of 90,000 GBP, which converted to approximately 91 lakhs in Indian currency.  Although everything looked good in the summer of 2019, the bike seemed to be going into production, tragedy struck and the company had to file for bankruptcy in October, just four months later.  The company’s flaky investors have been recognized for this unfortunate situation.

ย ย However, the company was resurrected almost a year later in October 2020 by founder, CEO and lead designer Mark Truman, who managed to buy the company back from administration.ย  And another year later, the company recently announced that it is ready to begin delivering bikes to prospective owners.ย  At the time of publication, Truman said, “We have a very healthy order book and customers are already going to set up each vector motorcycle individually through our new commissioning suite in Central England, so they are all unique.”

All You Need To Know About Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle.

  The Hyper Naked Luxury EV Arc Vector is the perfect culmination of sophisticated technology, innovation, craftsmanship and modern design and is the world’s most advanced all-electric motorcycle.  Vector’s carbon-fibre monocoque incorporates a battery case to become a structural member and present the look of a futuristic cafe racer.  The bike features a patented front geometry, carbon fibre swingarms, custom Ohlin dampers and a Brembo stilma brake system.

  This innovative EV power is a 95 kW (127 hp) electric motor that enables the bike to reach electronically limited 200 kmph speeds in addition to a 0-100 kmph sprint time of just 3.2 seconds.  The 16.8-kWh battery pack from technology giant Samsung offers a range of 322 km (200 miles) for urban riding or 200 km (120 miles) on highway.  Although these are the approximate range numbers in the papers, Arc Vehicles reports that some third-party companies have a real range of over 582 km (362 miles).  Additionally, the bike comes with DC Fast Charging, which enables the bike to fully recharge its battery pack in just 45 minutes.



Traction Control,

Adaptive Regen,

Unique Arc Front End Suspension,

Hub centre steering for additional stiffness,

High Efficiency LED Lighting,

Different Selectable Ride and Environment Modes,

Colour Dark Grey,

Is It The Most Improved Electric Bike In The World?

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