Upcoming Car Rivals Tata Nexon Electric Car, MG ZS Facelift EV Released Soon!

The demand for electric cars is increasing in India.  Tata Electric Cars are currently available at affordable prices in India.  The Tata Nexon EV is the most sought after car in the world.  No rivals in India for the current Nexon EV car.  Already announced by MG Motors, the MG ZS Facelift EV is gearing up for launch.  This makes Tata ready to compete with the Nexon.

Upcoming Car Rivals Tata Nexon Electric Car, MG ZS Facelift EV Released Soon!

 MG Motors has been selling ZS Electric Car in India since 2020.  The ZS Electric Car, launched in 2020, is a rival to Hyundai Kona.  The ZS electric car in the market starts at Rs 21.5 lakh (ex-showroom).  But ZS did not see the expected success because of the expensive price.  MG Motors is now ready to release the same ZS electric car’s facelift.  The car is heard to be a direct competitor to the Tata Nexon EV.

 The MG Motors ZS facelift electric car appeared during the Road Test.  In 2021, MG Motors has announced the launch of an electric car worth Rs 10 lakh.  But the MG ZS Electric Facelift is estimated to cost between Rs 15 and Rs 18 lakh.  It plans to launch a second electric car in the Indian market.

Overall, ZS is hard to fault.  It is practical, has an extensive list of features, is spacious on the inside, has decent boot and its 340km range is more than enough for some in-town travel.

 Tata Motors currently dominates the electric car market in India.  Other auto companies, including Hyundai and MG Motors, are now taking over the electric car market.  The car is set to release at a lower price.  MG Motors is likely to release 10 lakh electric cars by the end of 2022 or early 2023.

 Tata Motors is set to continue its dominance in the electric market.  Tata is releasing the Nexon 400 Plus Mileage Range soon.  The Nexon electric car in the current market will offer 312 km mileage once charged.  The same Nexon has been developed as a car that can deliver more than 400 miles.

 In addition, the Tata Ultraz electric car is being launched.  It will be the first hatchback electric car in the country.  Tata has said that the Ultraj Electric car will deliver more than 400 miles.  It is said to be worth Rs 10 lakh.  This makes Tata the most affordable electric car in the country.  Tata Tigor Electric Car is available in the market at Rs 12 to Rs 15 lakh.

Tata Nexon EV long range price

  With larger battery packs and other upgrades, the long-range Nexon EV is priced at Rs 3-4 lakh more than the current model.  With the increased price tag, the Nexon EV is still cheaper than other electric cars in its class.  The current model is available at a starting price of Rs 14.24 lakh (ex-sh).  The top-spec Nexon EV Dark XZ + LUX variant is priced at Rs 16.85 lakh.

  Tata Motors has come up with aggressive plans for the EV segment.  Its EV envelope is expected to fill out to 10 EVs by 2026.  To make this possible, the company has recently launched a new EV arm called Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Limited (TPEML).  This new unit caters to all aspects of EVs design, development, production, sales, marketing and after-sales services.

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