Hey idiot, are you blind and deaf? Can’t you see I’m coming? Get out.

When I’m crossing the road, the car owner was horned again and again.  * Hey fool, are you blind and deaf?  Can’t you see I’m coming?  Get out. “It was like Anno.

You know why?

The Wuling Hong Guang mini car is approximately priced at 3,084 USD (2,726 Euro or 48,450 Egyptian Pound or  2.30 lakh Rupees, 19,526 Chinese Yuan) Sorry, delivery charge is extra for foreign. 

MINI Electric car Wuling Hong Guang reached a monthly sales figure of more than 50000 units in china.!

EV Car sales number crossed 2.30 lakhs for MINI electric car

 The MINI electric car overtakes the Swift, Baleno and Tesla cars

 The single car will offer a mileage of 170 km / h

 Once charged, the mileage is 170 km, the top speed is 100 km, the price is approximately 3,084 USD.  There is a huge demand for this mini electric car in Asia.  Maruti has surpassed Swift, Baleno and WagonR.  Also, the Tesla Electric Car, which is sold worldwide.  It is a Chinese Wuling Hong Guang Mini Electric Car.

 China has the wide-reaching car market in the world.  China is now leading the sales of electric cars.  Thus there are many electric cars available in China.  The sale of the Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV has shocked everyone.  In December 2021, 50,561 Hong Kwang mini electric cars were sold.  It is up 42.9 per cent. That is because made-in-China.

 The Hong Kwang mini car has set a new record in China.  Anno boasts of being the first and only electric car in China to sell 50 thousand a month.  The Tesla Y model sold 40,500 cars in December.  The Tesla Model 3 is currently sold at 30,102 units.

 In 2021, 3,95,451 Hong Kwang mini electric cars were sold.  In the past 19 months, China has sold 5,00,000 Hong Gong mini electric cars.  The Hong Kwang mini electric car is a small car.  It is no longer a competitor to the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Y Model Car.  Tesla prices start at Rs 30 lakh.  American-based Tesla has a sales network worldwide.  It is a mini china built car.  The car is currently only available in China.

 Maruti Suzuki Swift, Maruti WagonR and Maruti Baleno are the highest selling cars in India in December and 2021.  There is a huge demand for a mini electric car in China.  People are attracted to this car which is available at cheaper prices.  Sales of this car have increased in the city.

 The Hong Kwang Mini Electric Car is available in two battery variants.  9.2 kWh battery and 13.8kWh battery car.  The 9.2 kWh battery will offer a mileage range of 120 km if it is charged at one time.  The 13.8kWh battery delivers 170 km of mileage on a single charge.  The four-seater Hong Kwang Mini Electric Car is capable of generating 17.4 hp of power and 85 Nm of peak torque.  A small electric car can move at speeds of up to 100 km per hour.  The car also has some safety features including ABS braking, rear parking sensor.

 There is a huge demand for electric vehicles in India too.  Tesla is preparing to launch a sales network in India.  Tata Motors Electric Car currently holds the number one position in the electric car market.  The Tata Nexon EV and the Tata Tigor EV are the most sought after electric cars in the Indian market.

I think that growing population will increase the productive capacity of the economy, and help Electric vehicle market too..

Wuling Hong Guang MINI EV Get Crash Tested

Sources Wuling Hong Guang.

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