New Fiido T1 Electric Cargo Bike Copies Famous E-Bike, Includes Many Important Updates

Fiido, the most sophisticated and innovative globalized intelligent tech sports brand, has successfully created a number of highly respected intelligent tech sports product series including Fiido e-bike, e-scooter, sea scooter.

  Fiido has quietly released the brand’s latest electric bicycle, called the Fiido T1 Electric Cargo Bike.  And for anyone paying attention to the electric bike industry, you probably know which e-bike it is based on.

  There is a pretty clear visual connection between the Fido T1 and RadRunner from Rad Power Bikes.  This is not akin to a savage ripoff, but here is some serious respect (certainly not paid for like royalties).

  The Rad-Power bikes were not invented by the step-through utility bike, but the Seattle-based company brought it to fame in 2019 when it launched the low-cost Radrunner e-bike.

  The Fiido T1 takes on the same design (and color), but includes many interesting features and add-ons not found in the original RadRunner.

  For starters, the T1 uses a similar setup with 20 โ€ณ wheels sport fat tires, a suspended step-through frame, a rear rack attached to the frame, elevated handlebars, and accessory mounts on the headtube.

  Fiido’s T1 rear uses a similar 750W motor and sports mechanical disc brakes.

ย ย The layout creates a small, nimble and easy to mount electric bike with plenty of power for cargo or utility jobs, and so far all of these features are common on both models.

  But thatโ€™s where the similarities end, because Fido distinguished the T1 in several ways.

  First, the T1 strikes a claimed top speed of 50 km / h (31 mph), although it is slightly above the legal limit of 45 km / h (28 mph) in the US.

  To help keep pedaling at high speeds, the T1 features a 7-speed drivetrain instead of a single-speed setup as seen on the Roadrunner.

  The 7-speed should provide improved high- and low-range pedaling, though the bike’s three-level pedal assistance does not match the five levels provided by Rodrunner.

  The addition of a front suspension fork will improve off-road comfort and ease some unfinished roads that riders regularly encounter.  There is no rear suspension, but the Fido includes a suspension seat post and a suspended saddle.

  The rear rack is low on the T1, which helps reduce the center of gravity when pulling heavy objects in the rear.

  The Fiido T1 comes with a large 48V and 20Ah battery with 960 Wh capacity.  The company claims a maximum range of 150 km (93 miles) on the pedal assist, although real-world coverage is significantly lower under average conditions.

  Fido also uses cast wheels, which means that the conventional 36 adjustable bicycle spikes on each wheel are replaced by six cast spikes.  That eliminates the need to perform spock handling and prevent the cycle from coming true over time (shivering like pizza dough thrown into the air)

  Accessories such as the front basket and fender come standard and the wooden deck on the rear rack helps add a bit more value to the bike and prevents riders from paying extra for accessories.

  Speaking of paying extra, the Fiido T1 is currently on sale for $ 1,599, which is just $ 100 more than RadRunner’s $ 1,499 price tag.

    Those extra hundred bucks sounds like a good deal for a significantly higher battery, more speed and more involved accessories.  But at the same time, the Fido T1 does not come with the same level of support and peace of mind that a giant company like Rod offers, and it is difficult to say whether they will meet the Rod’s build quality.

  Even so, Fiido has definitely nailed some major feature updates here.  And if they are going to copy the well-known e-bike design, I appreciate that they have added it instead of doing a 1: 1 reprof as we have done in other companies in the past.

  They say that imitation is an honest form of flattery, but it is hardly conducive to imitators


Model Fiido T1

Net Weight (KG) 36.2KG

Total Weight (KG) 45KG

Saddle height 92cm ๏ฝž 118cm

Size 180cm * 69cm * 118cm

Range up to 150 km,

Powerful 750W motor,

Maximum speed 50KM / H,

Secure Battery 48V 20AH.

20 ” * 4.0 Fat Tire,

Front Fork Shock Absorber,

Selling Price $ 1,599.00 (Save $ 200.00) Regular Price $ 1,799.00.

FildoFiido T1 Electric Cargo Bike

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