RGNT Motorcycles of Sweden launches its electric bikes in the U.S. Will sell at

Born in Sweden.  Crafts in Kungsbacka. Launched in 2020 with the ambition to integrate timeless design and advanced technology.  While silencing the streets of Europe and North America.

  In 2019, Swedish electric motorcycle startup RGNT unveils its most remarkable retro-modern electric motorbike concept, a stark contrast to the electric motorbike space.  Fortunately, by 2021, it is finally ready to roll out to customers in E.U., U.K., Switzerland and Norway.

  This is good news for a significant portion of motorcycle riders, no doubt — but sadly for us in the US, it only looks like a cool motorbike design, something we admire only from a distance.  Here in January, 2022, though, we are very happy to tell you that everything has changed.  That’s right;  If you’re a rider in the US hoping to get your hands on an RGNT electric motorbike, now you can officially.  RGNT is now taking pre-orders from US-based customers, with plans to ship early 2023 for delivery by the end of 2022.

  You are RGNT No.  1 Classic or RGNT no.  Can choose between 1 scrambler.  Both are powered by an 11kW motor with a 7.7kWh battery, listed as 125kmh (77.6mph) in the Classic or 120kmh (74.5 mph) in the Scrambler.  The claimed range is between 60 and 111 miles, depending on how you ride it and what type you get, according to spec sheets.

  Other components featured on both bikes are the J.Juan CBS brakes, the Paoli Seriani Replica fork-up front that delivers 120mm of travel and rear shock with an adjustable spring preload.  The LED lights from Motogadget keep your bike bright and light and you get a 7-inch LCD touch display with both GPS and cloud connectivity straight out of the box.

  It’s a little interesting though.  When RGNT announced that it was taking orders for its Handbilt electric bikes in Europe in 2021, the MSRP for the Classic was, 12,495 and the Scrambler was, 13,495.  We know that prices don’t usually change directly between currencies, but the conversion rate was $ 14,308 for the classic and $ 15,454 for the scrambler.  Additionally, the cost of the deposit was 450 euros or about $ 515.

  This official U.S. for RGNT  The publication is more favorable to American consumers.  For starters, the deposit is $ 150.  The USD price of the classic is listed starting at $ 12,495, while the Scrambler starts at $ 13,495.  Clearly, RGNT really likes those two specific numbers, regardless of which currency symbol they are associated with.

  These are handmade machines, but like most OEMs, there are plenty of options for customization directly from the workshop for an additional fee.  Things like colors, grips, tanks and a rear rack are all items you can decide if you make up your mind to get one.

Weight of 160 kg

  Length: 2110 mm

  Width: 830 mm

  Wheelbase: 1420mm

  Motorcycle weight: 160 kg

  Battery weight: 60 kg (not removable)

8 hour charging (0-100%)

  Maximum power: 11kW

  Constant power: 8kW

  Motor: Rear hub motor

  Charging: Charger for standard 110 / 220V sockets

120 km range

  Maximum speed: 120 km / h


  Hand levers for both front and rear brakes

  Front: Four-piston calipers – from ISR, 275 mm diameter, 4 mm thick stainless steel discs, rear: two-piston caliper – from ISR, 220 mm rear disc 3 mm thick

Source: RGNT Motorcycles / Janaki

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